Town looking at where to put art

WAXHAW — When Michael McLaurin started as Waxhaw town manager in 2006, there was no process controlling what art people could display where in town.

People were placing artwork wherever they pleased, McLaurin said, and some pieces were sharp and dangerous.  Now, with the help of the newly created Waxhaw Beautification Committee, McLaurin hopes to see a plan developed for the art displayed in the town.

“We now want to have a community art plan.  Where do we want to see art in the town?  Are there specific types of art do we want to see?  And how can we market our art program so we get a diversity of art,” McLaurin said.

The plan will designate where people would like to see artwork in Waxhaw, what types of art should go in those spots, how to get funding to support the art and how to pick the pieces for each area.

Waxhaw officials hope these steps will help preserve the history of the town and also push them forward as the town continues to grow and develop.

The Waxhaw Beautification Committee currently is accepting applications from people interested in creating the community art plan. The consultant does not have to live in Waxhaw, but must provide a well-developed plan with the steps Waxhaw needs to take to achieve their goal.

Explains the town’s website, “the Waxhaw Beautification Committee would like to determine the best plan for acquiring, determining locations and type of art all as they relate to the wants and needs of our citizens.”

Proposals are due by Friday, Oct. 5, at 5 p.m.  No late proposals will be accepted or considered for review.  The beautification committee will begin reviewing submissions on Monday, Oct. 8, and plans to give their recommendation to the Waxhaw Board of Commission on Oct. 23.  They have already received some submissions but hope to see more come in before the deadline.

To get a proposal accepted, the consultant would need to research community desires, designate a set of site-specific locations for various forms of art, review and evaluate the current art policy for the town and give ideas of how to raise funds for new projects.

This should all be presented to the board of commissioners to help them make their decision.

Consultants should make 10 bound copies of their plan, as well as a digital copy, for the committee to look over.  The proposals should include the follow sections:

Executive summary, approach and methodology, project deliverables, project management approach, detailed and itemized pricing, appendix: references, appendix: project team staffing, appendix: company overview and appendix: most recent examples of work.

The Waxhaw Board of Commissioners hopes to have their decision finalized next year.  Those interested in submitting a proposal or speaking with the town about their next steps can contact McLaurin at 704-843-2195, ext. 225, or

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