What are we paying for?

On June 6, the North Carolina League of Municipalities hosted its annual Town Hall Day, where elected and appointed local government officials hobnob with state legislators in order to lobby on behalf of their respective towns.

This is what Indian Trail tax dollars are paying for at a time when the council has determined to raise your taxes because they cannot control their spending on frivolous things.

The North Carolina League of Municipalities claims to be a “grassroots” organization, yet is everything but that. Member groups are the governments themselves, people who have vested interests to keep the party going and their paychecks rolling.

Each member was encouraged to invite five guests to the function. The question is: Who were the guests, how many went, and were their tabs picked up by the town?

One of the problems is that the Raleigh junket was not publicized to the general public, save for a couple postings at town hall and to email recipients; nor is there any means by which the public may ascertain whether or not such an expenditure is justified. Where is the detailed summary by each attendee that adequately reflects what transpired and where is the public disclosure of that information? How do the government representatives account for their time? After all, don’t the taxpayers have a right to know how their money is spent, who is spending it, and who are the beneficiaries of that money?

It’s interesting to see government conducting “open” government with other government players, but ignoring the people who put them in there. It goes to show that it’s all about them, government bureaucrats and politicians, and not the people.

Jonathon Baer
Indian Trail

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