Misplaced priorities


I want to apologize to the residents for campaigning for two candidates in last year’s election, David Cohn and Chris King. Their vote to pass an increase in taxes by 27 percent is not the only disturbing event during the June 12 Indian Trail council meeting. The comment made by Mayor Pro Tem David Cohn saying why should he care since he is not running again in four years shows a disrespect to the voters who voted for him this past November. Caring about the voters? No!

David Cohn is more concerned about the amenities for Indian Trail listed during the budget presentation then what the residents can afford for their taxes. Mr. Cohn said the tax increase is necessary to afford the items listed. The question to Mr. Cohn is, why does Indian Trail need all of those items? Why now?

The odds of the park referendum failing have now increased due to the vote to increase taxes for the residents. The public will remember what happened on June 12. Some of the council members can only blame themselves when it does happen! Hopefully Mr. Cohn and Mr. King will come back to reality then!

Michael Faulkenberry
Indian Trail

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