Marvin – Why now?

This was the question asked by Councilman Lanny Openshaw at the June 12 village council meeting. The topic being discussed was should the village of Marvin be in the road maintenance business?

The June 30 filing deadline for the village to get approximately $80,000 in Powell Bill money to be paid October 2013 is quickly approaching. The council feels some action should be taken now to try to secure these funds from the state to maintain three Marvin Creek cul-de- sacs – Painted Turtle Court, Red Twig Court, and Turkey Hunt Court. Has the Village notified any of the taxpayers on these three streets? The answer is “no,” since I personally called many of them to inform them about this latest “money grabbing” maneuver by the village.

Taking over streets is a decision that will impact all taxpayers in Marvin.  Most people might think so what? The “so what” involves subcontracting out these services for maintenance, since Marvin does not have a department of public works. I think everyone can read on the Internet just how expensive road maintenance can be. The one time $80,000 payment will have to last a lifetime for these three roads. There is no guarantee the state will be providing more funds with the same low mileage street ownership criteria to qualify for more funds.

In prior years municipalities like Marvin did not have to own any roads, but did receive Powell Bill Funds. The money Marvin received was used to construct areas of the Marvin Loop. I sat at that meeting on June 12, only to hear just how much more the Marvin Loop actually cost the village. Overruns on the Loop and higher cost estimates for completion of the $1.6 million park, makes a taxpayer like me gasp hoping road maintenance does not prove to be another expensive “service” this council feels the taxpayers want. Voice your concern now!

Contact the Village, council members, talk to your neighbors and visit Marvin’s website at

Alice Fraedrich

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