Marvin taxes

The village of Marvin will be voting on June 26 to take over the maintenance of several village roads rather than allowing NCDOT to maintain. This is being done under the cover of receiving funds from the Powell Bill.

However, as Senator Tommy Tucker pointed out to the council members, the funds may not always be available. The engineer consulted by the village informed them there is no way to estimate the long-term costs of road maintenance. Marvin does not have a Department of Public Works and will be forced to contract out. The village will need to find money to pay for the maintenance of these roads.

It is likely to be by raising our taxes. Once the roads are taken over by the village, it is very unlikely that NCDOT will ever accept them back. How many responsible individuals would be willing to take on a liability with no way to estimate the long-term costs?

Marvin residents should contact their council members and direct them not to take over the maintenance of village roads. If we do not speak out, our taxes may increase because of poor decisions made by the current council. Please contact your representatives via the website at

Kathleen Horwitt

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