Letters to the Editor: June 1

‘Big Brother’ politics in Indian Trail

Last fall, Indian Trail Councilman David Waddell ran for office on a political platform of financial responsibility along with the idea that a primary duty of elected officials was to combat “big brother” government run amok and intent upon diminishing the rights of its citizenry.

During the May 22 Indian Trail town council meeting, those values were clearly put to the test. The issue before the town council was the requested voluntary town annexation of properties located in the Brandon Oaks development. Four of the five elected council members voted to support the annexation. Such action was deemed financially prudent as it would expand the citizenry tax rolls and add dollars to the town’s coffers to defray costs of expanded town programs such as the agreed contracting of additional deputies. Yet, despite this sound reasoning, Mr. Waddell cast the lone vote opposing such annexation. And, why?

Perhaps the answer is best found in Mr. Waddell’s prior campaign speeches in which he vilified Brandon Oaks residents, claiming they exerted an unwelcome and disproportionate influence upon town policies such as the successful construction of the town’s Crossing Path Park. By preventing such annexation, Mr. Waddell could, in effect, limit the number of Brandon Oaks residents able to vote in future town elections. Clearly, an example of deleterious “big brother” thinking applied at the local level.

Now, if these conclusions appear hasty or unjust, I challenge Mr. Waddell to submit a letter detailing his rationale for voting against the Brandon Oaks annexation. Such explanation is clearly owed Indian Trail citizenry. Let not Mr. Waddell’s silence on such matter speak ill of him.

Carlton Aldrich
Indian Trail

Education should be priority

Some days ago Mitt Romney said: “The U.S. is a Third World nation when it comes to education.” The U.S. figures 17th in science and 25th in math.

Every day there is a commercial strip of many of the world’s countries flying over the TV screen where the U.S. comes in as No. 25 in education. The advertisement is paid for by Exxon/Mobil. In short the U.S. needs to improve the education radically.

A very large part of the goods we shop are made in China. Much of the clothing, golf equipment, TVs, cameras and electronics sold in the US are made in China, and even some cars are made there.

The textile industry where the U.S. was once a world leader is gone. The ship building industry is largely gone. The large tank ships are built in Korea and Japan. The cruise liners are mainly being built in Finland.

Some of those countries higher on the education scale may advance beyond the U.S. in many fields within a few years. France, China and Japan have the fastest railroads in the world, and the U.S. lags behind. The tallest buildings are in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, China and Malaysia.

The United State’s priority No. 1 ought to be in education. Today’s children and teenagers are our future, and the future of USA.

Severin Jacobsen
Indian Trail

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