Operational gates mean safety

I am appalled at my neighbors in Marvin and the village council. We keep hashing over the same issue: Can Marvin Creek make our 8-year-old gates operational for safety?

I cannot believe someone wrote how wide a street is? It is semantics. We are begging for the village to do the right thing. We have asked for traffic solutions.

They have none. They continue to sacrifice our children. They have not educated the whole of Marvin.

We did two traffic studies with help from the police. The current one ( 2011) before Kohl’s opened proved, on Kindling Wood alone, we had 20,000 cars per month – more than 650 cars a day! Would you like to measure that road? And we have no speed limit sign.

The police advised us after both traffic studies that we must have the gate.

We had to install a camera because of drug dealing and vandalism. If dealers had one way in and out then the police could help us. Right now they just throw up their hands.

Our children cannot play.

The village council annexed subdivisions with gates and one has a locked walking trail.

The bus driver sent a letter to the council describing how dangerous our roads are. Cars pull up to the bus asking to pass because they are “late.” These drivers do not reside in Marvin Creek. Our elementary bus stop was taken out by a driver early one morning. Thank God those five little children were not standing there yet.

The gates have brought the traffic flow down about 75 percent. But the village council wants to take it down. Why are they driving a wedge between neighboring subdivisions? Village council members, let us protect our little children.

Melinda A. Nielsen

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