Convenience trumps residents’ concerns

Now that Marvin has been caught red handed, they’ve conveniently changed their mission statement.

It appears that “convenient” is the buzz word they promote best: as in how “convenient” it is to open Marvin Creek up by denying residents the operation of the existing gates and increase the volume of ongoing traffic, as opposed to securing the safety and privacy of Marvin Creek’s residents.

Once again the concept of convenience rears its head because when challenged, the mission statement that promised government transparency, the embracement of core values such as respect, integrity and tolerance, disappeared from print, just as it disappeared from the village council’s attitude toward the residents of Marvin Creek and neighboring landowners.

I encourage you to examine the new version, the today’s version of the village council mission statement. What does it really mean? Are we nothing more than an amusement park? A place open for business? Are we to conclude that we live in Marvin Creek at our own risk because this “openness” doesn’t really speak to the needs of protecting our children, our property, our home lives, lifestyles or our neighborhood at all?

Shame on you, village council, for repackaging the same spoiled goods in a new transparent wrapper. Too bad your government wasn’t transparent, as promised, except for the fact we saw through you.

Lori Handler

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