A park fee?

Last Saturday my family decided to stop by the Marvin-Efrid Park to see what all the hullabaloo was about. We were there about 10 minutes when a councilman, who was alerted by the camera mounted at the gate, drove up, parked, walked around “checking” the buildings and came over to introduce himself.

He pointed out the park’s attributes, then got to the heart of matter. He asked us where we lived. We said Providence Downs and he proceeded to tell us that there are only 22 homes in Providence Downs that are part of Marvin and all non-residents will be charged $150 a year to use this park.

I just smiled at him like a true, village idiot because I was so afraid I was going to laugh in his face.

He also graciously warned us not to let the kids wander off the playground plot because there is poison ivy on the trees, which I appreciated as I was shooing my son away from pulling on the electrical wires sprouting from the wood chips.

After 20 minutes, we gathered the children and got into the car having experienced the park in all its (soon-to-be) glory. My husband’s only comment?

“Hope you enjoyed that park kids…because that’s the last time you’ll ever play in it!”

Just think … if we had only let Marvin annex us and siphon money from our coffers we would have been able to enjoy that fine parcel of semi-completed open space with exposed wires jutting out of the ground, irritating vegetation, non-existent walking/equestrian trails and no lake access.

Suzanne Ardite

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