Marvin Creek disappointed … and they should be

It seems our friends in Marvin Creek have finally awakened to the fact that their Village Council is only interested in two things: taking control of private property and taxing people. Listening to their taxpayers is out of the question. So is doing the right thing.

I am told two council members were asked during their campaigns for council whether they had any objections to gates and gated communities, they answered that they had none. Now that they sit on the council they “have changed their minds.”

These two did the same thing with the forced annexation issue. They were against forced annexations during the campaign, yet full speed ahead with aggressively attacking neighbors now. The other three council members expressed a willingness to accept the ‘will of the people’ after they were soundly defeated during the anti-annexation petition drive, yet now they refuse to follow through and abandon the annexation ordinance.

With all 367 Marvin Creek residents (Marvin taxpayers) now understanding they have been sending their tax dollars ($300-$500 per year) to a disrespectful governing body they elected to represent them, I would not be surprised if they undertake an initiative to oust these dishonest folks and bring trustworthiness and integrity to their council. They’d certainly have my support, and I know they would have the support of many Marvin taxpayers who are also disgusted by their council’s behavior.

Paul Schneider
Unincorporated Union County

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