Keep up the fight

Well, Marvin couldn’t force us into their fine town, so now they are going to go after their own people.

Our fight was always against the dictators of Marvin, never the people living in Marvin.

We tried to let people know what type of people you have running your township.

Until you get them out of office, all anything will ever be about is money. How much they can take and how little they can give you back.

The mayor you have now wasn’t voted in by the people but was placed there by the council. The last member of the council was placed there by the council, not the people. They spend your tax money on land not even in your township. They make rules up as they go to suit themselves.

I don’t know how anyone can live in Marvin when you have to worry all the time about what you can and can’t do in your own home or yard.

The annexation people had to all come together to fight and beat them. Now the people of Marvin need to all come together to stop all the things the council are doing to you. Hope you win. They can be beaten.

Michael Wingard
Unincorporated Union County

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