Disingenuous Marvin Village Council…

Up until a few days ago, the Marvin Village mission statement, as found on the front page on their web site, proclaimed:

“We will strive to forge strong relationships with all of our citizens and always remember that the role of government is to serve the people. We will be open and transparent at all times.
We will forge our relationships with our constituency by embracing our core values: respect, integrity, tolerance and commitment to excellence. With these core values in mind, we envision a government that is respectful to all citizens.
We envision a government that recognizes that the integrity of its reputation is paramount, that is tolerant, but will not tolerate disrespect or dishonorable actions.”

Sounds nice…. however they have posted a new one since their original mission statement is obviously false and certainly NOT what they truly believe.

“We envision the Village of Marvin to be a place that attracts residents by providing open space for recreation as well as managed districts for commerce. We believe it is possible to and grow while still promoting historical roots and our small town atmosphere.”

What happened to respect, integrity, openness and transparency, tolerance, and the core values that include being respectful to all citizens? I suppose they decided they might as well not pretend any longer.

You can’t afford to wait for the next Council elections. You have the power to force change now. If any council member wants to start doing right by his constituents and disavow the actions of the full Council, now’s the time. If no one stands up…. they all need to go.

Paul Schneider
Unincorporated Union County

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