What changed about fire department?


I have a question regarding Stephanie Belcher’s editorial “Wake Up Western Union County”. What changed? When she ran for mayor last fall, she stated in the Union Weekly Q&A that “as the county has been unwilling to take a clear leadership position on updating district lines to more adequately reflect population shifts, Weddington needs to manage its own safety needs. A move to a municipal fire district will allow the town to directly contract with the fire departments for the level of service it needs.”

That’s not spin, that’s a direct quote from her Q & A, which can be found under the elections tab on Union County Weekly’s website, by clicking on the Weddington mayoral Q & A article. Now I don’t know about anyone else, but it sounds like an endorsement of a municipal fire district to me. So what changed between then and now, other than the outcome of the election?

As I’ve stated elsewhere, I live in Hemby Bridge and we’re quite happy with our department, led by Chief Johnny Blythe. But what happens with Providence will impact all of us when the lines get changed, I agree with her on that. And a municipal fire district will do just that, create a domino effect when the lines are changed. I would just like to know what piece of information Belcher has now that she didn’t have during the campaign, since no new numbers have been presented by either board in regards to a merger.

Matthew Walker

Hemby Bridge

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