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Waxhaw Elementary PTA is working on some very exciting events in the coming months! Our BBQ is scheduled for March 30 and is one of our largest fund raisers. Anyone planning to be in or around Waxhaw that Friday should definitely stop by and pick up a plate of Butch Kelly’s award winning BBQ from ‘Butts R Us’. This event is also a fantastic opportunity for our students to pick up some pretty awesome prizes. This year, Waxhaw Family Physicians and Sports Medicine, Henn Automotive, and the Bike Depot, have generously donated two bicycles and helmets to the two students who sell the most tickets and the PTA is supplying an IPod Touch to be given away to one student who sells at least 5 BBQ tickets! Come out and support our kids.

The Waxhaw PTA will have its annual School Beautification Day April 21. This day is spent cleaning the grounds, planting new plants and flowers, and spreading mulch. This is an opportunity for all folks in Waxhaw to come out and support our local school in many ways. Our needs include plants, mulch, small equipment, and green thumbs. Grab your work gloves and your favorite shovel and meet us there!

This year, the PTA has decided it is time to make the transition into a PTO. While, on the surface, there doesn’t seem to be that much of a difference between the two, the differences behind the scenes are a pretty big deal. Right now, as a PTA, the organization sends more than two thirds of the annual dues to the NC State PTA. We feel that that money could be better spent locally. Also, while the PTA offers many resources and opportunities to us, we feel that the ability to customize our own bylaws and operating rules will allow us to make better decisions about funding events and offering more resources to the school and the teachers. This transition should be made before the start of the 2012-2013 school year.

These are just a few of the exciting things the Waxhaw Elementary PTA is working on. Keep an eye on our website ( and check us out on Facebook to see when our FREE Movie Nights, PTA Meetings, Student Dances, etc. will be scheduled and to keep tabs on volunteer opportunities.

One last thing…As our PTA stands right now; our membership represents roughly 15 percent of our student population. Membership and the resources that members can offer to the school are essential to a healthy organization and a successful school. If you are a parent, and are not a member, please consider becoming one. Next year, we hope to be able to provide “member exclusive” events and benefits so you will definitely want to be part of it!

Martin Lane

Waxhaw Elementary PTA Member

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