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I thought I heard everything while fighting Marvin but no this is now the craziest thing I have ever heard. People can’t engage in “conjugal relations” because they’re frightened of noise from Dr Land’s guns? Come on sounds more like a personal problem to me. It isn’t his problem people moved in without finding out what is around. Why do people think they can move into a place and start telling others that has been there way before them how they can live and what they can do? By law he has done nothing wrong. He has the right to bear arms even if they are arms residents don’t approve of, no one has asked for their approval. He has permits for his guns, he has done everything by the law. But they want money from him when he has done nothing wrong? It isn’t his fault they didn’t look more into what is in the area when they bought land. What are they going to want next? A judge to just up and give them his land? When will it stop? What about the next person who has a lawn mower that is too loud for their liking? What about the remaining cows in the area maybe they moo too loud? This is why everything cost so much, because of people coming up with crazy things like this to get a lawyer to sue someone.

Michael Wingard

For free rights

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