Opposed to council member’s attitude


After attending the Indian Trail Council Meeting Feb 14, I was disgusted with the attitude from council member Robert Allen regarding the law enforcement needs for Indian Trail. His method of operation is to continuously look at the budget for funding for a second deputy. He does not want to pay for more law enforcement protection, but he is willing to give millions of tax dollars for any highway improvement plan for state roads that comes his way. Yet, he and fellow council member Ms. Luther, want to bring more businesses to Indian Trail, and not provide protection for the those businesses and their patrons. Indian Trail has a population of more than 32,000. Why should Indian Trail have a police force of only 18 total officers? “Boots on the ground” is Robert Allen’s favorite phrase. I guess since he does not want to spend the money for additional deputies, Indian Trail should have mannequin deputies in those boots staged throughout the town as a deterrent. Use the old “unoccupied patrol car beside the highway trick”. Do not forget Mr. Allen, you boast on your efforts in helping to bring in the theater, the largest economic development between Washington, D.C., and Miami, Florida, to Indian Trail. Yeah right! Building a Walmart beside a Sam’s Club will provide the same sized result anywhere on the east coast! So, now do your job to protect the residents! This is now your responsibility to protect, Mr. Allen, so deal with it! Instead, the theater should have their own security officer, who is an off duty deputy sheriff or police officer. This one security officer will be able to patrol the theater parking lot and the theater building after Sun Valley football game crowds come over ? Great plan indeed! Indian Trail is also in need of detectives to investigate crimes after they happen. This still has not been mentioned as an option for the future. Mr. Allen assumes his boots on the ground, mannequin deputies can stop crime before it happens, which make detectives irrelevant! Proactive deputy mannequins will be on top of the job wherever they are placed! Mr. Allen, do not dare compromise the safety and security of Indian Trail residents and business owners with your idiotic logic of not having the money! Should the residents beat on your door when they are in need of a deputy? Prioritize the spending of tax payer money for necessities. Mr. Allen you continue worrying only about the contaminated storm water coming from Stallings into Indian Trail. I am sure the other council members who care more about the public’s safety, and not just tax revenue, can handle providing the necessary law enforcements resources to protect Indian Trail! Better yet, deputize yourself, Mr. Allen, and chase down the criminal element as you did last year! Boots on the ground! (Hoorah!)

Michael Faulkenberry

Indian Trail resident

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