Thanks to the Marvin Council


Last night at the Village of Marvin council meeting, the council publicly voted they have no intention of either contesting the results of the petition, taking any further action on the court of appeal suit – even if they win, nor pursuing, or participating in any lawsuits with other municipalities.  Kudos and thank you.  However, a vote on whether to direct the village attorney to notify the court of appeals of this intent not to contest, was voted down 3-2, with Councilman, Burman, Overby and Salimao against.  The reason being: the village is the entity being sued, therefore there is nothing the village can do ….. it is really up to the “Deny” group to drop the suit to end it all.

Actually there is something the Village can do to end all of this. There was talk of this during the session, but the topic never gained any traction – that is, rescind/terminate the annexation ordinance.  It was the passage of this ordinance and the subsequent actions of the village that actually put everything in motion.

Again, thanks to the council for their public statement, but what would have ‘sealed the deal’ and given a much greater comfort level to those of us in the target area, would have been a vote to rescind the annexation ordinance altogether.

John McGarvey

Unincorporated Union County

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