Marvin Council resists doing right


The Marvin Town Council held a regular meeting Tuesday night. One of the topics up for discussion was the on-going battle over forced annexation.

A vote was taken on whether to instruct their attorney to inform the court that they wanted to terminate the annexation ordinance. The vote was 3-2 against. That’s really 3-1, as the Mayors vote only counts in the event of a tie. It seems Mr. Openshaw was the only council member thinking clearly to heed the will of the people. Thanks, Lanny, for doing the right and honorable thing.

Although they made statements to the effect that they would no longer pursue forced annexation, and that they would not join other municipalities in fighting the new State legislation, they fell far short of ending their aggressive behavior.

An on-going lawsuit between Marvin and residents fighting annexation still exists in the NC Appeals Court. It was initiated in 2008 by targeted residents to stop Marvin from taking control of their properties and money.

If Mr. Burman, Mr. Overby and Mr. Salimao were to be true to their words, they would have no problem doing what is legally necessary to put an end to their aggression. Terminating the annexation ordinance is the only right, honorable, trustworthy thing to do. It seems from their comments and arguments that they remain reluctant to stand by their public statements against forced annexation.

Mr. Burman made the point that they are the ones being sued, and therefore need to do nothing. That’s insulting and disingenuous. News Flash – if Marvin terminates the annexation ordinance, the lawsuit is thrown out and everyone goes home.

In the best interests of the Town of Marvin, the taxpayers of Marvin who continue to fund your expensive legal fight, and the 1,226 neighbors who choose not to be part of Marvin, I urge you to do what you have the power to do. Honor the will of the people and terminate the annexation ordinance.

Paul Schneider

Unincorporated Union County

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