Forced annexation continues to be wrong…

The petition to stop Marvin from forcibly annexing approximately 1,447 parcels succeeded in producing a 84.7 percent rejection, asserting our individual property rights and against the aggressive town money-grab that has been going on since 2008.

What does Marvin do? They say they will keep their annexation attorney on retainer, spending more Marvin taxpayer money to continue the fight. And, this is after Mr. Salimao, Mr. Burman and Mr. Overby say publicly they are against forced annexation and Mayor Dispenziere announces after the final petition count that as far as he’s concerned the matter is settled – the people have spoken and they do not want to be annexed into Marvin.

I’ve had calls and emails from many people over the past few weeks, all asking the same basic questions. Here are the questions that everyone wants Marvin Town Council to answer. Will they respond?

How much Marvin taxpayer money has been spent on this ill-advised forced annexation effort thus far? What legal, board of elections and other bills are expected? How much more are they willing to spend? What are their reasons for continuing this effort in the face of overwhelming rejection? What makes them think that they have the right to attack nearby residents when the state legislature clearly wants folks to have a say in how they are taxed and by whom, and the residents themselves do not want to be part of Marvin? Who is pulling the strings at town hall and for what purpose? Why is the Marvin-Efird park not in Marvin where it belongs? Why are they trying to build a new town hall outside Marvin town limits? Has anyone at town hall given any thought to what would happen if they succeeded in this forced annexation and 1,226 angry homeowners were suddenly eligible to run for town council? Could the result be an overthrow of current council and a reversal of many of the poorly thought-out and terribly managed projects?

How about it, Marvin Town Council? Some answers are certainly in order. These questions come not from a small vocal group as you chose to portray us, but from 1,226 homeowners who signed their state-mandated petitions to deny, from current Marvin taxpayers, and from interested parties all across the state. We are interested in your response.

Paul Schneider

Team Petition to Deny

Unincorporated Union County

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