District needs fiscal discipline


I’ve read with interest the stories stemming from the school board’s vote to give administrative raises last month. What I haven’t seen is any regret, remorse or action from board members who claim to be Conservative, yet voted to raise administrative salaries at a time when teachers get squat. Everybody makes a mistake, they could have come back at their January meeting and said oops, you know what, we screwed up and everything would have been forgiven. They didn’t. Again, my thanks to David Scholl, Marce Savage and Sherry Hodges, who stood up against the crazy spending. With the budget season in full swing, I’m sure the school district will ask the county for more money. Before approving that request, I’d ask county commissioners to examine how much of the school funding goes to the actual classroom. It’s time to stop paying the higher ups, at the expense of those in the trenches.

Marvin Bradley

Indian Trail

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