An open letter to Superintendent Ed Davis

Dr. Davis,

With much dread, I knew this day would come. The announcement of your retirement triggered many emotions. As a principal under your leadership, I immediately felt sad for the loss of my outstanding role model and leader,as well as for all of Union County Public Schools. For Ed Davis, the father, son, husband and friend, I was extremely happy!  Thank you Dr. Davis for the countless hours you have spent behind the scenes, to ensure that UCPS remains on the cutting edge and among the best school systems in our country! I’ve served on many committees over the course of the years under your leadership and I thank you that every decision was made with the best interest of the children in mind! You are a legacy in our school system and will be truly missed by all who have worked with you! On behalf of myself and Unionville Elementary School, best wishes for the next phase of your life!

Sharyn VonCannon


Unionville Elementary

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