Writing to say thanks

Dear Editor,

I am writing to inform you of a group of outstanding children.  Girl Scout Troop #3452 in Union County, Waxhaw contacted my organization.  Turnaround Toys.  Turnaround Toys is a nonprofit that collects gently used toys, holds events for the severely impoverished of Union County and surrounding areas and gives all the toys back to the community.

Early October the girls contacted me and collected information regarding Turnaround Toys.  As a unanimous decision the girls decided for their bronze award they were going to help our organization.

First the girls 10-12 in troop #3452 came to my house and spent the day cleaning toys, counting the pieces in gently used puzzles and checked all the toys for working status.  All the girls helped packed up the toys in totes and carried them to the cars.

Second they came to an event at Mt. Harmony church where we had given over 350 toys to a group of refuges from Nepoli India that were placed here this in the Idlewild area.  We had pizza, cookies, juice, candy, face-painting, balloons and of course the toy giveaway.  The girls helped set up, played with the kids and also cleaned up afterwards.

Third the girls took it upon themselves to hold a collection of toys for Turnaround Toys.  To date they have collected over 3200 toys; 175 of them being brand new.  They sent letters to the community and hand delivered the flyers to Wesley Oaks, Silvercreek and New Towne Village.  They followed up with emails to the neighborhood and set collection dates and walked the neighborhoods collecting all theses toys; and then finally hand delivered them all to me!!!!  I had to purchase an additional storage faculty to accodomate all these toys.  Over 3200 toys.

I wanted to thank these girls for their hard work, their interest and care for the children of Union County and congratulate their efforts of kindness.  Today in a fast paced society and children being so busy with their extra activities I wanted recognize their thoughtfulness of other children and to commend Girl Scout Troop #3452 for having a positive impact on our community.

I cannot possibly thank all the contributors, but through this letter I also wanted to thank the community of Union County.

Lynn Fitzgerald

Turnaround Toys

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