Why force someone in?


I wanted to express a homeowner’s point of view about the Village of Marvin attempt to forcefully annex my community (and many others) into its municipality. It appears the only reason for the forced annexation is fill the village coffers with new property tax revenue.

My wife and I have lived in unincorporated Union County since 2006. We moved to this area for the private rural setting and lower property tax rates. Now Marvin is trying to use forced annexation to impose substantial taxes on over a thousand property owners and build public throughways into our community.

If area property owners desired voluntary annexation for tangible services and benefits, I would at least understand the process. The current system in place mandates that a large majority of affected homeowners must sign a mailed petition to deny the annexation. If the mailing address is inaccurate of the homeowner doesn’t recognize the severe ramifications in what appears to be “junk mail”, the annexation is automatically put through. There are probably many, many property owners unaware of the Village of Marvin’s forced annexation plot.

Through organized sign placement and door to door petition gathering, the unofficial number of petitions required to defeat the annexation has been reached. Now the council is implying they will continue to fight for forced annexation despite the overwhelming opposition by the people.

The current village council said the annexation was initiated by former members and publicly stated that three of the five current members oppose forced annexation. It is time for the council to recognize the will of the community and stand by its statement to abolish forced annexation. The old phrase “taxation without representation” seems to apply to this entire process.

My hope is that you might enlighten your readers of this apparent unconstitutional process. Perhaps then they can be vigilant and look for the next Marvin council annexation attempt.

Thank you for taking time to hear just one family’s concern about the future of our community.

D. Michael Rowe

Unincorporated Union County

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