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On Dec. 6, the Union County Board of Elections validated all of the Deny Marvin petitions.  The inevitable was confirmed, as out of 1,447 eligible petitions, 1,226 signed. That means 84.7 percent of landowners reject Marvin annexation.  Will the Village of Marvin now stop?  Or will they refuse to accept the outcome as prescribed by law and try another maneuver to thwart the will of the people in the target annexation area.  Marvin council members have stated publicly they are against forced annexation

• In October, at a Woodhall HOA meeting, councilman Overby stated he opposes forced annexations and is happy the new law gives people the right to have a say.

• In October, at a Union County Republican’s meeting, Anthony Burman spoke up and said he was not part of the group that voted for the forced annexation and he is against forced annexation.

• During their 2009 campaigns, Burman and Salimaeo participated at a candidate Q&A event at Marvin Ridge High School. They both said they were against forced annexations. Burman said he would try to rescind the 2008 annexation ordinance if he was elected.

The signed petitions have been counted and the outcome validated, will Marvin continue this ordeal and appeal … even though the majority of council members are ‘publicly’ against forced annexation?

The following is the (Marvin) Village Council Mission Statement:

“We will strive to forge strong relationships with all of our citizens and always remember that the role of government is to serve the people.  We will be open and transparent at all times.”

“We will forge our relationships with our constituency by embracing our core values: respect, integrity, tolerance and commitment to excellence. With these core values in mind, we envision a government that is respectful to all citizens.”

Please tell me how the subterfuge at Marvin Town Hall is open and transparent!  Is the council grab for money so strong they ignore their stated core values of integrity and respect?  When your actions are opposite your words, how does that exemplify integrity?  Does the council consider a total disregard of the will of others “respectful to all citizens”

Tolerance is defined as ‘a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions and practices that differ from one’s own …. concern for ideas, opinions, practices, etc., foreign to one’s own.’   Despite tolerance being a key component of the Mission Statement, the Marvin Council refuses, absolutely refuses to rescind the forced annexation as publicly stated.

There were more than enough validated petitions to stop the efforts of Marvin to forcibly annex the target area.  It is time for the Marvin Village Council to finally back their public statements with actions.  Please be honorable, respectful, and show integrity … cease this forced annexation

John McGarvey

Unincorporated Union County

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