Time for the county to wrap this up

The lawsuit Jay Brown initiated against Union County has them (as described by rodeo lingo), “herded” into a very unsure legal position, one that shall become extremely difficult to defend due to lack of knowledge in agricultural law.  I make this allegation because of reading statements made by Union County attorneys concerning the Jay Brown case.  The statements are so far from being accurate based on NC law; there must be either a lack of comprehension concerning these laws, or possibly a hidden agenda only accessible by a select few.  If Union County attorneys had understanding of laws pertaining to agriculture the taxpaying citizens would not be footing the bill to fight this frivolous lawsuit.

Taxpayer’s money will fund this fight for the length of time citizens are willing to sit back and allow themselves to be pilfered by attorneys extracting their tax dollars.  Attorneys are paid win or lose, would it not be wonderful if each of us could attain this level of job security.  Attorneys are paid anywhere from $250 to over $400 per hr, I think this is somewhat more than the average person operating his own business can generate on a per hour basis.  The wonderful thing about being an attorney is you can charge someone for every minute of each working day, and it is not necessarily a five-day, forty-hour workweek.  They charge for each minute they speak with you in a phone conversation, they charge for each minute used in sending you an email, writing you a letter, driving back and forth to court, and whether you care to believe it or not, they can charge if a thought runs through their mind about your case, no matter when or where the thought takes place.  This is the advantage of keeping your own time, they do not punch a time clock, they keep working time based entirely on whatever they care to write down.  I’m not insinuating attorneys would pad their time when working on anyone’s case, but would it not be wonderful to keep your own time card with no one monitoring your actions.

Attorneys run your county, your state, and your country.  The belief that attorneys must decipher all law is far from true.  To believe the fallacy of a judge or attorney always advising you accurately of the law is a threatening delusion.  Their mistake ratio is higher than one may care to imagine, but they are very good at using legal jargon to correct their mistakes in the average persons mind.

A high-ranking county official told Mr. Thomas Marsh before he started legal action against Union County that he would need deep pockets, because the strongest power of government was to financially break anyone opposing them.  I suppose this person thought he was intimidating Mr. Marsh when basically telling him, we will take your own money and defeat you, and if you can’t supply enough, we will then call on your neighbors to help fund the fight.

Reid Phifer


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