Saying goodbye to Mayor Quinn

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Four years ago, Indian Trail Mayor Quinn ran his campaign on the slogan “Advocate for the People.” As an elected official, Mayor Quinn took his responsibilities seriously. Few match his unwavering belief in the U.S. Constitution and subsequent actions guided by this belief.

Among Mayor Quinn’s accomplishments, the following are the most outstanding:

• Mayor Quinn took seriously the role as an advocate for our residents. He was always accessible and available, responding to dozens of requests for help, working to solve many different problems for town folks.

• He successfully organized the first Community Leaders Forum, which brought neighborhood leaders together to share their concerns with the town and better understand town services. The event was so well received the neighborhoods started a nonprofit organization to support neighborhood leaders in building and maintaining thriving communities.

• His unwavering support for the Union County Sheriff’s Office and deputies as the town’s law enforcement agency. Recognizing a duplication of efforts in creating an Indian Trail Police Department, Mayor Quinn’s support for the sheriff’s office kept our taxes lower while maintaining top-notch law enforcement for our town.

• He has been a proponent of public safety, constantly advocating for an adequate number of officers patrolling our streets.

• He successfully worked with the engineering staff, the Mecklenburg Union Metropolitan Planning Organization, the N.C. Department of Transportation and the media to get a traffic light installed at the dangerous intersection of Faith Church and Unionville Indian Trail roads.

• He chaired the Park, Tree and Greenway Committee through ratification of the town’s pedestrian plan and, more significantly, the park master plan, which supports development of parks throughout Indian Trail.

• He refused to quit, even in the face of vicious attacks and resistance. Instead, he continued to oppose wasteful spending and advocate for honest, people-oriented, fiscally responsible government.

As “advocate for the people,” Mayor Quinn received constant criticism and harassment from several places in the past several years. Instead of focusing on the source of this criticism, I feel residents should ask why. Perhaps, it is a matter of meeting the needs of the people versus meeting the needs of the select few, where anyone can have a voice as long as they have money and influence.

Regardless of the answer, Mayor Quinn has lived up to his promise that is on the front page of his website,

“My commitment and devotion has and will continue to be to the people of our town. I promise to be your advocate, put your interests first and stand against anything that is inconsistent with a citizen-oriented, fiscally-responsible government.”

The saying “those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it” is one of the historical lessons of the Old Testament. Governments, at all levels, that do not listen to their people are doomed to fail. It is a pattern we have seen since the beginning of civilization. Mayor Quinn is unique in that he has never been afraid to stand up and voice his concerns for his country and its people.

Thank you, John, for your service and time spent to help Indian Trail. You have taught us much about how to fight the good fight and what it is we are fighting for. It is a difficult course in life to choose but one worth its weight in gold.

Jon Fossdal

Indian Trail

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