It can’t be that complicated


Well I guess some of the newspaper staff decided to take a Thanksgiving vacation and never came back. It’s the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and nope, still no sign of the Union County Weekly website with last week’s stories updated. Sometimes I read a story and want to share it with a friend across the country, who can’t believe the insanity that we deal with in Union. Mailing it isn’t an option, because most of the print copies get snatched up Friday afternoon. Plus, some of us can’t get it delivered to our homes and online is the only way we can read the paper. One or two days after Thanksgiving, I totally understand, everybody deserves a holiday, but a whole week? C’mon guys, it’s not that hard. If your current guy doesn’t want the job, my 16-year-old could use some extra cash.

Branden Connor

Unincorporated Union County

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