Fund schools instead of politics


As reported in this paper last week, “During their Monday, Dec. 5 meeting, county commissioners unanimously voted to reduce the property tax rate this year.”

While it is always a welcome idea to lower any taxes, I question the wisdom of doing so at this time.

As has already been suggested, before we start cutting taxes, a thorough review of our current debt is the right thing to do.

Further, how about we take a look at what County services were cut this year?

For example, UCPS took a major budget hit this year and they were forced to cut back on some critical services and vital personnel. These folks are responsible for teaching our children and I would hazard to guess that the reason many of us chose to relocate and put down roots in Union County was because of the quality schools. Budget constraints have clearly had an affect on that quality. Ignoring that fact is unacceptable.

The commissioners refused to consider the pending contract with Carolinas Healthcare Systems for CMC-Union at the time. Presumably because it was not a done deal. So instead they opted to cut school funding. Now is the precise time to restore that funding.

“We find ourselves in Union County in a unique situation, with the infusion of cash from the pending hospital deal,” Commissioner Jonathan Thomas said. “I think it would be extremely premature for this board to be looking at how we could divvy up the money and spend the money when we all profess to be Republicans and conservatives.”

It is one thing to cut taxes by improving efficiency, it is quite another to do so by reducing or eliminating vital services for our children.

How about we table the politics for the time being and focus on what really matters? The children of Union County.

Ken Skorupski

Unincorporated Union County

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