Letters to the Editor for November 4

Tired of Wesley Chapel whiners


I have lived in Union County for 35 years, the past 15 in Crow Creek Acres, a subdivision near Waxhaw. The lots are large and wooded. Gunfire is an almost daily occurrence here. At least three of my nearest neighbors fire semiautomatic pistols on their property. Highpower rifle and shotgun fire is not uncommon especially in the fall. One of my close neighbors has a tree stand behind his home, he has taken two bucks in past hunting seasons and hopes to take another this year. Another neighbor who doesn’t hunt is trying to recruit someone to take deer on his property because of the damage they cause in his yard and garden.

Crow Creek has families with young children, teenagers and seniors. Many of us have small breed dogs and cats as well as many larger dogs allowed to run free in the neighborhood. I have heard a few complaints about rambunctious dogs but not one about gunfire. I would much rather hear the gunfire than smell the odor from the poultry farm on Providence Road when the wind is from the southeast. There is only one home for sale in the entire subdivision at this time, must not be a bad place to live.

What would Kathy Patterson do if she lived here in Crow Creek Acres? She should not have bought a home near a gun range. Did the realtor who showed the house she bought pick a good time? Then it is her fault for not sufficiently researching the area before buying.

Joe Rybensky


Forced annexation looms

The involuntary annexation of property by Marvin approaches. Without more involvement, Marvin will be sending now unincorporated residents a tax bill for anywhere between $250 and $500 per year forever, or until they decide to raise the rate to whatever strikes their fancy. Our vision is not their vision. Our vision is clear … no taxes for non-existent services that we already get from Union County and the state, and we’ve got quite enough rules to follow already. Their blurred vision of stealing our hard-earned dollars and taking away individual property rights based upon our perceived apathy must be corrected.

Since 2008 when this forced annexation began, a small core group has invested heavily in legal expenses and other related costs to keep the hope alive. Now, an expanded group of close to 40 more volunteers has been spending countless hours and thousands of their own dollars fighting. Elected officials in the state legislature (Tommy Tucker and Craig Horn) as well as on the county level (Jerry Simpson and Todd Johnson) have worked tirelessly to both pass meaningful legislative annexation reform, and to pass resolutions decrying forced annexations as being wrong.

Marvin can be denied the ability to reach into pockets to steal our money or to impose onerous ordinances. These outrageous ordinances already have a negative financial impact upon the current residents of Marvin as many looking to buy a home choose not to subject themselves to over-bearing Marvin. It’s no wonder home prices and re-sales in Marvin are suffering.

We need help. We have not reached the critical mass required to repel Marvin, so every petition counts. To not sign and return a petition is to vote yes to being forcibly annexed.

If anyone needs a petition to deny, one of our volunteers will be glad to bring one by. Contact the team at denyannexation@aol.com

Please help protect the freedoms we all hold dear. Stop Marvin from the forcible annexation by signing a petition to deny today. A few minutes today will save thousands of dollars for as long as you live in our beautiful corner of Union County.

Paul Schneider

Unincorporated Union County

Why I support Walker Davidson for Weddington mayor


I am proud to announce my endorsement of Walker Davidson for mayor of Weddington.

As Walker’s neighbor for 12 years, I have come to know and admire Walker for his dedication to his family, his neighborhood and the community of Weddington. As neighbors, we have discussed many community issues over the years. Walker has always taken the time to find out more about the issues and concerns that were raised. He has encouraged our participation in important meetings, has kept us informed about town business and has attended almost every town meeting over the last two years.

I am particularly concerned about the issue of fire protection and the future of Providence Fire Department. As the mom of a son who works in emergency services and has in the past worked at Providence Fire Department, I strongly believe that the mayor and town council should make every effort to strengthen the basic services provided to the residents. Fire protection should be at the top of this list. Walker supports efforts to focus on these needs and will make every effort to use our tax dollars wisely.

Walker Davidson will make an excellent Mayor. I encourage all Weddington residents to take the time to vote.

Ellen Cuylen


Supporting Lisa Thornton for mayor


As election season rushes upon us, I just want to take a minute to share with your Waxhaw readers some information about a couple of their candidates I’ve had the opportunity to serve closely with.

One of the mayoral candidates, who I have served on several committees and organizations with is Lisa Thornton. I’ve had the opportunity to see first hand her passion for keeping Waxhaw what we love while simultaneously promoting intelligent business growth to better balance the commercial/residential tax base. She has dedicated countless hours in a very productive way through the Small Town Main Street program as an executive board member and chair of its promotions committee which drove business to downtown merchants through the highly successful First Friday program. She also served two years as president of the Waxhaw Arts Council.

Long before any thoughts of running for office she began and ran National Night Out in Waxhaw the last four years, honoring our Police and First Responders, drawing over 600 people to downtown this August. The thing that impressed me most was the enthusiasm with which she organized and successfully executed an $11,000 fundraiser for Officer Richard Belk when he went down with medical issues that eventually took his life. She’d never met him at the time but saw something needed to be done.

I believe her track record of being actively involved, a small business owner herself and most importantly her willingness to hear the citizens and act on their behalf make her the best candidate for mayor.

I also would encourage people to consider sending Phillip Gregory back to serve a full term as town commissioner after he graciously stepped into a void created earlier this year. Quite simply he is a man of integrity with vast experience in business and governance. He brings a refreshing, straight -forward, common sense approach to the job. Phillip is genuinely about the peoples business rather than in it and to paraphrase a recent comment he made; seeks to bring an Andy Griffith wisdom rather than a Barney Fife reaction to the job. Quite frankly, I admire him as a man and a leader.

Terry Haines

Small Town Main Street
Executive Committee

Waxhaw Business Association
Vice President

Daune Gardner for mayor


I know that all three mayoral candidates are great people, but what are their backgrounds and what will they be able to do for Waxhaw? Gary Underwood is the past mayor. He let quite a few developers take out all of the trees on the left side of Providence Road going toward Charlotte. There has been nothing built there and the Prescot property has had all the trees removed and nothing built. They offered the 100 year floodplain area as a “free” park for Waxhaw and over the years we have seen that property flooded up to the bridge.

None of us really knows much about Lisa Thornton except that she is a wonderful mother to four lovely children. She was on the “12 Days of Christmas” committee last year and came to very few meetings, so I suppose one of her children was sick.

Now Daune Gardner has put her heart and soul into keeping Waxhaw alive and in broadening the town’s horizons. My family will be here long after I am gone and I would like them to walk proud in wonderful Waxhaw. Check Daune’s website out. Research park, etc, too many to mention.

Pat Kitto


Pam Hadley for Weddington District 2 town council

A famous American Author once said: “Words are used to disguise, not to illuminate, action … Words are to confuse, so that at election time people will solemnly vote against their own interests.”

Because the goal of an election is to get the most votes, many candidates choose to straddle the fence, trying to support all sides of an issue so as not to alienate a potential voter. Good strategy? Perhaps. Representation you can count on? Hardly!

How refreshing to see a candidate who is willing to take a specific stand on the issues facing Weddington, refuses to engage in political double-speak, and is committed to honest, common-sense solutions for the best interests of the citizens!

Pam Hadley’s no-nonsense, unambiguous viewpoints are a welcome change to politics as usual. She says what she means and means what she says and does not waste time trying to tailor her message so as not to upset anyone’s applecart.

She stands for public safety, and not just generically, but for the best public safety for the citizens of Weddington in terms of coverage and response times. As a long time resident, she values the historic and rural character of the Town and recognizes the need to fight to maintain those characteristics. And as a resident who has come up against many local and County challenges and obstacles, she knows, first-hand, the importance of proper planning and adhering to that plan in order to create and maintain a desirable community.

You can make a difference … all you have to do is vote. The last election was decided by two votes—proof that your vote counts. I proudly endorse Pam Hadley for Weddington Town Council, District 2 and ask everyone to take 10 minutes Nov. 8 to vote so that you have some piece of mind when it comes to your quality of life.

Tracy Kuehler

Union County Commissioner

Everyone needs a voice


I have been reading the comments made by the candidates concerning economic growth and how great it is for Indian Trail. Several of them think that the new theater complex will be a show place. But, at what cost? I am one of the residents living in the small subdivision next to the theater complex site. Our neighborhood was a peaceful, off-the-beaten-path place where residents could walk and kids could play without fear. Then, the construction began. They have torn down the houses and cut all of the tress that provide a buffer zone for us. Now, those of us who live on the theater side can be seen from both Wesley Chapel and Old Monroe roads. We can no longer use our backyards, decks, or porches. They have laid us bare. At some point, they are “suppose” to install a berm with a wall to protect us. By the way, we had to fight the developer hard for this. As a result, we are starting a community watch, asking the town to install several more street lights, and requesting additional sheriff patrols. So, what is the cost?

I enjoyed walking the neighborhood and felt safe. Not anymore.

I could leave for a vacation and not worry about the house. I would not dare do that now.

I was able to sit on my front porch and enjoy it. Now, everyone driving down Old Monroe road can see me.

Once the theater is completed, gone will be the quiet nights and the star gazing!

Our peaceful little neighborhood will be changed forever! We will be the ones dealing with the traffic, the crime, and the noise. To me, that is a high price to pay for progress. I wonder if we had been a bigger neighborhood would things have been different. May be then, the town council members would have cared about our quality of life.

Please take a long hard look at the candidates and vote for the ones who will listen to and help each town resident regardless of where they live. Who knows? Next time, it may be your neighborhood!

Amanda Faulkenberry

Indian Trail Resident

Endorsing Thornton for Mayor


I am writing to support Lisa Thornton for mayor of Waxhaw. Lisa is a fresh face in politics and brings many new and creative ideas that our beautiful town could use. Her entrepreneurial spirit, real world experience running a small business and common sense approach to problem solving will bring positive change to Waxhaw.

Sherri Lynn Carrera


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