Letters to the Editor for October 14

Thanks for the hard work


I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who was involved in that past weekends Autumn Treasures and Grillin & Chillin events in Waxhaw.  The visitors, vendors, volunteers, and staff teamed up with beautiful weather to make this the best yet.

I met people from near and far and they all had positive things to say about visiting our town.  They spoke not only of the event, but of the people, and the community.  They enjoyed being in a town where the residents are genuine and the atmosphere is inviting.  They vowed to be back not only for the events, but to shop and play…and that’s why we do it.

A big thanks goes out to all the volunteers.  Waxhaw United Methodist Church always does a phenomenal job with the Kids Zone.  They start several days before the event setting up, and I imagine several days after putting the town back together.  The Waxhaw Athletic Association played a huge role in this years event, providing scores of volunteers to do everything from ticket sales to crowd control.  Countless other volunteers helped at the information booth, with traffic control, and parking.  Thanks to all.  It could not have been possible without each of you.

Of course, none of this could have been possible without the hard work of those who plan and work this event.  Our Police and Public Works Departments were ready to go at a seconds notice to do what had to be done to make the weekend a success.  They have been working tirelessly for weeks to make this possible.  Cathy and Lisa in our events department have been working for months to pull it all together.  This will be Cathy’s last event as our Events Coordinator and she made it the best yet, but we have come to expect that.  Cathy has never settled for anything less than the best, and we, as citizens have enjoyed the results of that.  Thank you, Cathy.  We have some pretty big shoes to fill.

Martin Lane

Waxhaw Town Commissioner

In response to Progress or Stagnation.

I would like to state to use fear to get a person to vote a specific way is a political tactic used by many of the great politicans throughout history to hide a much deeper agenda. saying this is the most important election in 100 years for Indian Trail is an understatement, I would go as far as saying every election is just as important as the one before it because it is a person’s unique right in this country to be involved and make an educated choice without being bullied. How can anyone who has never met me nor taken the time to find out my agenda state I am against or for anything? I urge every citizen to get the facts about every candidate from that candidate and make their own choice.

I will state clearly here I am not opposed to development, parks or any other item that would make Indian Trail a better place. I am saying to give full disclosure of the pros and cons of each project openly and honestly for each person to see in order to make a true informed decision. How many people know and understand this will raise their taxes a good amount because it will require more law enforcement, road maintenance and many other unknowns. Give the good with the bad. Period. This council has been great for giving only one side and attacking people who ask questions. Mr. W, I invite you to meet me and truly get to know me so the next time you can write a more informed comment. Communication, Smart spending, full disclosure and a mayor who will be fully accountable to the citizens and the council is not stagnation. I am not John Quinn but he is a resident of our community as is Mr. Goodall and the rest of the council. I will stand by each of them and protect them just the same. We need a council and a mayor who will work together, be accountable and a accessable to every resident at all times without the drama and personal attacks we have seen over the past few years.

Michael Alvarez

Candidate for Indian Trail mayor

Get out and vote in Indian Trail


Even though this is not a presidential election year, the results of this Nov. 8 election will greatly influence the quality of this town’s life.  It is urgent people vote. Residents need to ask, if they are happy about the recent accomplishments of our current Indian Trail Town Council:

1) The creation of a beautiful town park

2) The coming of a new theater complex to Indian Trail and the prospect of  new restaurants and other retail businesses it will bring with it

3) The new businesses and restaurants that have recently opened in Indian Trail

4) The opening of an ABC store and the revenue it brings to our town

5) The passing of the mixed drinks referendum making Indian Trail attractive to future high quality restaurants

6) A proactive approach to addressing our ever increasing traffic problems

If they want to ensure that these accomplishments are not erased from our town and that continued progress is made in the areas of town beautification, road improvements, new job opportunities, a  business friendly community and a proactive  responsive town government, then they must vote for Stanton, Sailors and Minor.

These are the three best candidates to fill the three council positions up for election.  These are the candidates that will move Indian Trail forward.

Dolores Schleuterman

Indian Trail

Is it “Brandon Trail” or “Indian Trail”?

Fellow citizens, we are fast approaching another election on November 8th.  This election is critical to our town for one important reason balanced representation.  The current council members Goodall, D’Onofrio, Allen, and Luther all live in Brandon Oaks sub-division.  Appointed council member Stanton lives in Taylor Glenn, a sub-division attached to Brandon Oaks.  Over the past 2 years we have seen them representing the Brandon Oaks area generously with your tax dollars, but have you seen them representing the rest of Indian Trail as well?

There are three council seats up for re-election this year.  “The Indian Trail Citizens for Progress”, a Political Action Committee (PAC) centered in Brandon Oaks, is backing three candidates that live in and near Brandon Oaks Stanton, Sailors, and Minor.  The PAC is also backing Brandon Oaks resident Goodall for Mayor.  My question for you is, “Do you really want Brandon Oaks controlling the entire town for four more years?”

If you want fair and balanced representation on the town council, then you need consider voting for some of the other candidates.  The following four all live in other areas of Indian Trail and would bring fair and balanced representation to the council:

Michael Alvarez – Mayor

David Cohen – Council

David Waddell – Council

Christopher King Council

The choice is yours, you can vote for the candidates on the “blue” and “brown” signs and get four more years of “Brandon Trail” or you can vote for Alvarez, King, Waddell, and Cohen and bring back fair and balanced representation in Indian Trail, the choice and voice are yours!

John Marshall

Indian Trail

Stephanie Belcher will be a strong advocate for community and schools


Stephanie Belcher is my choice for Weddington Mayor.  I am a long-time volunteer for our Weddington Schools, past PTSO president at WMS and WDES, vice president at WHS, a member of the board of directors for the Union County Education Foundation, site base committee member and a Weddington resident for 12 years.  I have three children that have gone through Weddington schools.  I have known Stephanie since she arrived in Weddington.

Stephanie cares deeply about our community.  Because I have a passion for our schools, children and their success, it pleases me to know that Stephanie shares that same passion.  Since she arrived she has been an active parent at all of the schools.  You can count on Stephanie to volunteer whenever there is a need.

I think it is critical that Weddington’s leaders recognize the importance of having high performing schools within our town limits.  The ongoing success of our schools significantly impacts our property values and more importantly our children.

I want our Mayor to be an active supporter for our schools; to attend events and be known by the educational community.  I know from personal experience that Stephanie will be that kind of Mayor.  She believes that leadership comes by setting the example and that actions speak louder than words.  Her business experience gives her the leadership skills to work with our County Commissioners, School Board and School leaders.

What I like best is that she looks at all sides of an issue always asks “why, how and how much?”  We have had many conversations about the schools and how we can ensure that our kids get the best education possible given our current economic climate.  I also want a leader that looks at how we keep our teens safe, whether it’s road safety, community involvement or working with our local Sheriff’s office.  While our small town does not fund or manage our schools, as a homeowner, committed school volunteer and parent I expect my town’s leaders to be knowledgeable, present and supportive of our schools.

I trust Stephanie to be a conscientious and conservative leader who will keep our taxes low, support our community and plan for our future.  I also know that when it comes to community and schools she will be our best and strongest advocate.  I urge everyone to vote on November 8th and elect Stephanie Belcher as the next Mayor of Weddington.

Sylvia Newsome


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