The annexation debate in Marvin

Many questions are circulating regarding annexation and the value of living in the Village of Marvin. We in Marvin welcome healthy discussion on the issue. We believe at the heart of the matter, the reasons the village is attractive to homeowners are understandable, simple and real.
Marvin was born out of the desire to preserve landscape and foster quality of life … The village’s founders incorporated the village in an effort to isolate us from the growth and development that was emerging at rates beyond our control. The idea that we could have greater impact on the way our immediate neighborhood was developing is what drew people together fifteen years ago.

What about services?
We never intended to be a large municipality with water, sewer and public works. We already pay County taxes for those provisions. More services would mean higher taxes. What residents of our Village have always wanted was local say in how the character of our community develops and opportunities to invest in the provisions that most matter to us.

What Matters in Marvin?
Local Say in Development: If you live in Unincorporated Union County, your residential and commercial development decisions are made many miles from here in Monroe. In Marvin we believe our local community should have a say in the commercial development that emerges around us. We don’t want commercial areas at Rea Road or Providence Road to damage the scenic nature of our landscape or overburden our roads. We do not want the congestion of another South Boulevard at our doorstep.
Law Enforcement: Our dedicated Union County Sheriff Department is required to patrol expansive areas throughout the county. The reality is that this effects response time. Affording additional officers in Marvin improves the safety of citizens.
Currently, the Village of Marvin has one full time deputy dedicated to our village of 5,000 people. With the annexation of additional families, there is a rock solid commitment to triple the number of full-time law enforcement in the village.
Road Conditions and Safety: Our roads need improvement. Major intersections in our area fail NCDOT effectiveness tests. Road improvement funding is not forthcoming from Raleigh so the village is attempting to engage in an NCDOT cost sharing plan to mend our roads and improve intersections. Affordability and expediency of these improvements comes with solidarity, and solidarity can be achieved by pulling resources together. If we work together, and speak with one voice, we can produce conditions from which we will all benefit – safer roads for our families on the way to work, school and home.
People choose to annex, or move into the village, to enjoy the open space and our landscape. The Village of Marvin has now purchased a twenty-seven acre park to open in the spring of 2012. We are excited to announce a community center with a children’s library, a barn pavilion, walking trails, a playground, picnic areas, a community garden, open fields and a Sheriff’s sub-station. In the meantime, we continue to build our capital budget in order to invest in, and preserve, even more of the natural landscape we all cherish.
Impact on Taxes: Yes, annexation into the Village of Marvin will cause a tax increase; at a rate averaging less than .99 cents a day. The additional expenditure is an investment; an investment in your home’s value, an investment in safety and community provisions and an insurance investment against unfavorable planning and growth.
Some may believe the additional tax amount is not worth the provisions that Marvin offers. To opt-out of the annexation plan simply fill-in the petition to make your opposition clear. We only request you visit the FAQ page on our website, at, to ensure you have the information necessary to make a well-informed decision. For those of you who would join the Village of Marvin, we welcome you! You are not required to do anything at all.
We will look forward to the opportunity to build an even greater future together for all Villagers of Marvin. Please feel free to contact us at (704) 843-1680 or email any of our Village Councilors with your questions through We’d be happy to hear from you!
Sincerest Regards,
The Marvin Village Council

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