Letters to the Editor, September 9

Why save Providence?
The Providence fire department operates as a private company in the rules of the state of North Carolina. this makes them a fire department with little room to grow. The call log so far this year shows less then one call per day. paying three people to be there 12 hours every day and seeing no call is a large waste of tax dollars. Paying the county to have a paramedic unit would be safer for the people. as most calls are of a medical need.
The fact is both Charlotte and Wesley Chapel are close, (residents) would still get a response to any problem. For any large fire or other event, the current fire department does not have the manpower or tools needed. so aid from the others is common. All fire calls are dispatched as two or more departments in union county. so what are we paying for? Costs for everything are going up. What will be next. Lets look at having other stations cover the fire district. get the response times. then spend our money.
Bill Schmidt

Questions about Sun Valley project unanswered

I can appreciate comments to previous comments published in earlier editions. In response to “Let’s clear up confusion”, Mr. Turner did not answer my questions, but side stepped them. Unlike Mr. Turner, I read what is written and do not add words in my mind to the sentences to change their meaning. One of the questions I wrote was “Why did the Town Council of Indian Trail not spend money at other problem traffic area in Indian Trail at the same time?” Notice the words “at the same time”. Mr. Turner wrote the Old Monroe highway project is to be voted on by the residents of Indian Trail for a bond referendum in November. Why was the Sun Valley road improvement not given the opportunity to vote by the residents? It could not wait until November too and why not?
Since the project is to be paid by the General Fund, where does that money come from? A hand out from the state and if so why was the money in the General Fund not used for more law enforcement officers or other projects with a higher priority? As for the comment about Sun Valley High students being violent criminals. How can Mr. Turner come up with that conclusion? The sentence I wrote is as follows, “The increased crime in such a close proximity to the school is a definite given”. To translate this for Mr. Turner, the crime will increase because the theater and retail spaces will be an invitation to the criminal element. Notice the words in my response” in such close proximity to the school”. Nowhere are the words “because of” or “due to” in front of the words “the school” in that sentence? The schools will be affected when they are placed in lockdown because of a nearby robbery. Mr. Turner, read the sentences correctly before accusing someone of what they believe! Use data to prove your point other than what you read in the newspapers the last six months. By the way, I am not opposed to the theater but how the government is funding it. Do other businesses get the same , exact treatment?
Michael Faulkenberry
Indian Trail

Why you should vote for my mom
I’m Emily Thornton, daughter of Lisa Thornton, who is running for Mayor of Waxhaw. I wanted to write in to say how much I appreciate the great articles in the Union County Weekly. I enjoy reading it on Friday afternoons. One of my favorite sections of the paper is the sports section. I loved reading the article about the Cuthbertson High cross country champs back in October. The Cuthbertson High cross country team is amazing and I am proud to say that I am now a part of it as a freshman. I love my team, everyone on it is fantastic and I couldn’t ask for better teammates.
I also wanted to share my thoughts on my mom running for mayor in the upcoming election. I think my mom will make a fantastic mayor! She is already an amazing mom. She works as hard as she can everyday to make everything good for us. I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for my family and me. My mom is a great role model for girls everywhere. By being a mom, a wife, and running for mayor all at the same time, she is showing girls that you can do anything you set your mind to. My mom loves Waxhaw and cares about the town and the residents. She will make a great mayor because she only wants what’s best for the town and the people in it. I am so proud of my mom and I wish her the best of luck all throughout her campaign and the election. I will be supporting her and cheering her on the whole time.

Emily Thornton

Why I don’t want to live in Marvin

Here’s why I don’t want to live in Marvin. First, because I love living in unincorporated Union County! This is where we chose to live, and this is where we want to continue living, and I don’t believe anybody should have the power to take this right from me. I already get 168 hours a week police protection.
Second, Marvin only offers me the opportunity to pay more taxes. I am not interested in financially supporting their equestrian heritage. I don’t own a horse, so I don’t need horse trails or an equestrian center. I’m not interested in ­funding greenways meandering through properties the Village will acquire through
Third, the present Marvin Council may not be the same people who were on the 2008 council, but they have adopted the same game plan. New players perhaps, but they are following the same script. If they desire to be perceived as different, with new ideas, they should drop this involuntary (forced) annexation. (The town of Weddington pulled out of a forced annexation in 2010, so it can be done!) Marvin’s intent is to annex 1,519 parcels. But it can’t be done without our consent! And, Charlotte can’t annex Hunter Oaks without their consent.
Fourth, we frequently hear reference to the “doughnut hole”, a situation Marvin created by previous annexations. Now, the attempt is being made to fill in that hole through involuntary annexation. At least six parcels in our neighborhood are not included in this annexation attempt, thus creating a doughnut hole within a doughnut hole. And Marvin doesn’t want the community divided? Also, several years ago in Willow Creek, some properties were annexed by Marvin and others were not. Again, another divided community! Marvin has the audacity to imply that if we sign and return our petition, we’ll be dividing our neighborhoods.
Fifth, I do not want another layer of government deciding what I can and cannot do with my property. I am pleased with the work and commitment of Representative Craig Horn, Senator Tommy Tucker, and our Union County Board of Commissioners Todd Johnson and Jerry Simpson who protected our rights as property owners by supporting the passing of H845.
In conclusion, I would like to thank Mr. Gimon for shedding light on a critical issue of which we should all be aware. In a previous opinion printed in the paper, Mr. Gimon expressed some doubt about the new laws and the possibility of Charlotte annexing Hunter Oaks. He wrote “..I’ve seen laws changed in backroom sessions…and history has a tendency to repeat…”. Was the offer by the Marvin Council to exclude Hunter Oaks from Marvin’s ordinances and penalties an example of a deal made in a backroom’? Can you only get that deal if you petition for Voluntary Annexation? It makes one wonder if Mr. Gimon has been promised a seat on the council, as he has frequently expressed a desire to be involved at the local government level! In my opinion, this is a glaring example of devious action by government: giving favors to cronies & friends.
For me, Life is Good in Unincorporated Union County!
I have signed and returned my petition!
Lila Glankler
Unincorporated Union County

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