Letters to the Editor: September 2

Does your town need a candidate forum?

Dear Editor,

The League of Women Voters of Union County is offering to help any municipality have a candidate forum before this fall’s election. You do not have to be an elected official, or a candidate for office, to request a forum. Anyone can find a place and time and the League will help with the final plans. All candidates registered with the Board of Elections will be invited to participate. Call Virginia Bjorlin at 704-283-5776 for more information.

Virginia Bjorlin
President, League of Women Voters

Commissioners are volunteers

Dear Editor,

It is unfortunate that Mr. Williams cannot find the time to take Commissioner Diller up on his offer and meet with him. If he had the opportunity to do so, he would learn what many of us in the community already know. Mr. Diller is one of the most sincere and dedicated gentleman one would have the pleasure to meet. I am proud to call Brett Diller my friend.

He mentions in his letter that his priorities lie with his family and job and this prevents him from taking time to meet with Mr. Diller. I empathize with him. Family should come first.

However, please remember, the volunteers in our community, including the commissioners, the mayor, the event coordinators, the firemen, the coaches, the scout leaders, the church members, and several others are not paid professionals.

Many, such as Brett Diller, are mothers and fathers who spend tireless hours giving their time, in addition to raising a family and working, to make this town a better place to live. I hope he will give this some consideration prior to publicly calling out a dedicated father and volunteer who cannot be in two places at one time.

Greg Winne

Lets clear up confusion

Dear Editor,

I can appreciate opposing viewpoints, but let’s make sure there’s some accuracy too. The opposition to the movie theater says our tax bills will go up due to the Indian Trail council’s $200,000 donation? No they won’t. There’s this thing called the General Fund, much like a bank account. The town pulled the money from that source, to help fund the road study. That doesn’t impact our tax situation one way or another. As to the argument by Mr. Faulkenberry, asking what the council is doing to the rest of Old Charlotte Highway or rather, Old Monroe Road, if he had picked up the paper anytime in the last six months, he would have his answer. A portion of the road where the town meets up with Stallings will be expanded to four lanes by the state. Residents will vote on approving a bond, to fund expanding the remainder of Old Monroe to the intersection with Wesley Chapel Stouts in November. Now with the NCDOT’s support, we might be able to go even past that. Finally, I think it’s sad Mr. Faulkenberry believes all of our students at Sun Valley High are these violent criminals, who are waiting for a movie theater so they can prey on unsuspecting victims. In my experience, most just want to go somewhere with their friends and have fun. Why should they have to go out of town for that, when we claim Indian Trail’s a great place for families?

Randy Turner
Indian Trail

Letter to a Marvin Taxpayer

Dear Editor,

Can’t we all just get along? With my neighbors yes we can. With the council you have voted in, no. First off, you think we should all pay double for things cause you have to. Well you chose to live in Marvin where all they are after is money. Some of us who live here are just some poor old left over people that have always lived here. We didn’t move here for a park or for horses or for walking trails we have always lived here and don’t believe in paying for things we already pay for to Union County. I am also tired of the Marvin is better than Weddington or Charlotte thing. Listen if Weddington or Charlotte or Waxhaw wanted to try and take us in we would be fighting just as hard to stop it.

Next you say you get to vote and you get a say in unsightly commercial goings on in your town. Well, have you been to the meetings and see how the council works? I have. They do what they want and that is it. They don’t care about you and what you have to say. By the way do you know where your tax money is going when you turn it into Marvin? I hope you do because the council themselves don’t know. They can’t balance anything. Oh and taking money out of one account and putting it in another so it shows you have some money to me doesn’t count as balancing anything. They can’t keep up with the tax money they already have how bad is it going to be if you add ours?

Now for your lets see your outspoken annexation opposition embroil bitterness and contempt part. We live in America that gives you the right to say what you want to say and that gives the outspoken annexation opposition the right to do the same. Marvin has the right to send me their junk mail saying not to turn in my vote, (paid for I am sure by your tax dollars) We have the right to put up signs and do what we do.

In closing I see you didn’t put your name to your letter but then again if I lived in Marvin and was backing the council I wouldn’t either. But I always put my name down cause for some reason if we are taken into Marvin I want them to know who their outspoken opposition is going to be. So you pay double cause you have to and we will keep fighting for what is right and Marvin isn’t right.

Michael Wingard
Not in Marvin

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