Letters to the Editor for September 30

Make your voice heard


Does anyone remember a few months ago when Gov. Beverly Perdue came to Weddington High School for a town hall meeting? Did residents get a chance to ask a question of our state’s leader? Oh, that’s right – It was a closed town hall meeting. Only pre-screened special guests were invited. I think that defies the definition of a town hall meeting, but it is par for the course for Gov. Perdue. Plenty of time and access for her cronies, not so much for her common citizens. If people have questions or concerns about our state and want to get answers, then they are in luck. The Speaker of the N.C. House, Thom Tillis, will be holding a real town hall meeting Friday, Sept. 30, at 6 p.m. in the auditorium at Cuthbertson High School. Anyone and everyone is invited to come and ask any question they may have regarding the historic legislative session that was just completed, or about any upcoming topics they want.

John Steward

Union County Republican

Party Chairman

Not interested in higher taxes


Here the Marvin village council goes again. They said it themselves. In their editorial, they say, “We never intended to be a large municipality with water, sewer and public works.” Then they say,  “Annexation into the Village of Marvin will cause a tax increase.” But they say, “We already pay county taxes for these provisions.” I can see why it is so hard for them to balance their books because they make no sense at all.

So let me try to get this straight. They want to take us into their great town. I get that. Then by taking us into their great town, they are going to have to increase taxes. I get that. With us in their town, they are going to give us two more police (Only on duty at certain times). OK, I understand that. Their four or five councilmen get to say what kinds of businesses and people get to come in. I understand that. Oh, I can’t forget all the parks those guys want. Yes, all of us county folks really need all them parks. Not a money grab, huh?

Who are the smart people here? The Marvin village council or the – what have we been called again? – outspoken annexation opposition embroiled in bitterness and contempt. See, higher taxes for nothing is still higher taxes for nothing no matter how you want to word it. They say, “We look forward to the opportunity to build an even greater future together for all villagers of Marvin.” They should be looking forward to it with all the money they will be raking in for nothing in return. I can’t believe those guys. Do they really think everyone around here is uneducated? That we can’t see how they are and what they’re trying to do? Sure, they welcome us to their town because they think we are going to be their meal ticket. No thanks.

Michael Wingard

Unincorporated Union County

Washington politics in Weddington – rescinded!


Thanks to the town council and congratulations to all Weddington citizens for rescinding the Aug. 8 vote for a “monster tank” in Weddington! Hopefully, the next meeting/reaction of Oct. 10 will be to eliminate all water tank possibilities in Weddington! If we have only one of 17 subdivisions with water pressure problems, why not propose that we save millions by purchasing a pressure pump for that one community, where probably the issue is one of poor design and improper structuring of their system? If we continue to think of Union County needing future water pressure to offer new subdivisions and industry in general, you only need to apply reasonable logic to determine that their assessment of 2005 is now erroneous, outdated and based on future projections that are headed in an opposite downward direction!

In reality, the growth of Union County is now attached to a 30,000-employee layoff at Bank of America. Duke Energy is now revealing that electrical power use is down and the need for infrastructure renewal is only to replace the old! Springs Mills, Lemforder, Cooper Tools, Master Form are just a few of the area companies that have closed and moved elsewhere. The double recession that we are nearing is not like the past. We have changed the issue of international competition from “free enterprise” to “government-run socialism.”

We perhaps have moved so far down the slippery slope of socialism and government-run enterprises that we cannot recover? I hope not! But the strong move to Union County and Weddington is now stagnant and perhaps over! The many deserted homes in subdivisions does not give credibility to the constant and outdated quest for a monster tank of any design! Hopefully, Union and Weddington can move the agenda to strategies that are on target and, for now, considerate of citizens suffering from an upcoming double recession!

Let’s not make the monster-tank issue another Alaska Road to Nowhere!

Richard Karriker


Why I support Davidson for Weddington mayor


I live in Weddington. I love Weddington, and I want to continue to enjoy our safe, serene and country ambience, with the convenience to everything you could possibly need.  If all residents of our town asked themselves why they chose to live in Weddington, I suspect the majority would have the same reasons for loving Weddington. I do not want Weddington to become a hustle-and-bustle community.

Walker Davidson is running for mayor because he loves Weddington in the same way, too. I have known him for several years, and I know of his genuine interest in our town. Should you attend a Weddington town council meeting, county commissioners meeting or a Providence Volunteer Fire Department meeting, he is there and contributes unselfishly because he genuinely cares about the future of Weddington. I suggest residents go to his website, www.walkerdavidson.com, and check out his positions.  We have some serious issues coming up, and Walker Davidson is the one we want for positive resolution.

If residents feel the same about our community and want to keep our town the sleepy, quiet, hometown feel we currently enjoy, I encourage them: Please vote for Walker Davidson for mayor of Weddington.

Genny Reid

Lake Providence

Why I support Walker Davidson


I see that the local government in Weddington likes to spend money just like the feds, on things that we don’t need i.e., lights that have to be maintained, banners that will have to be replaced for every special event, a farm fest that I didn’t even know about till it was over, supporting ballparks that come with lawsuits etc., etc. the list goes on and on. I moved to Weddington to get away from big government spending and now they want that kind of spending (your taxes dollars at work) here. While my family is watching our budget in this recession, Weddington is throwing money around like there is plenty more where that came from. I don’t know about the rest of you but all government, local included, need to close the free flow of money and stop spending “our” hard earned tax dollars.

Walker Davidson is running for Mayor of Weddington and wants to stop this reckless spending and focus on keeping our local fire dept. open. That is the one thing that I want my local government to provide with my taxes. It is time to clean house in Weddington and get some new faces in our town council. Please vote in November for Walker Davidson.

Annette Baker


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