Letters to the Editor: August 5

Commending Thornton

Dear Editor,
After reading the article in the Union County Weekly, I wanted to take a moment to commend Lisa Thornton not only for everything she’s done for Waxhaw, but also for her openness and candor.

Here’s someone who has had to deal with her husband’s job loss, health challenges with her children and so many more issues that face each and every one of us. Her honesty is a refreshing change from the ‘smoke and mirrors’ act that seems to be a stagnant constant in Waxhaw’s political landscape.

I applaud her approach to the mayoral race and will definitely be giving her my vote.

Lucas Stemner

What a great Night Out

Dear Editor,
I went to Waxhaw’s National Night Out event last night, and I have to say it was the best such event I’ve ever attended!

I had high expectations and Lisa Thornton, the organizer for this year’s event, exceeded them all. My kids had a wonderful time, and it was so great to see such a big turnout from the whole town, all there to support our incredible first responders!

The only downside was that Mayor Daune Gardner and two of our town’s commissioners, Erin Kirkpatrick and Brett Diller, didn’t see fit to grace us with their presence. I hope whatever kept them away was important, but I don’t see what could be more important than the community that voted them in and the folks that work every single day to keep us all safe.

I tip my hat to the police department, the fire department and our EMTs!

Tramaine Williams

An open letter to Waxhaw volunteers

Thank you to everyone who came out to support Waxhaw’s National Night Out!

We had an extraordinary turnout of more than 600 people. It is wonderful to see so many residents having fun while supporting our police officers, firefighters, EMTs and sheriffs.

This event could not have happened without the help of some amazing groups and people. Thank you to the Waxhaw Athletic Association who volunteered their time and the many other volunteers who made National Night Out successful. We are so grateful for them! 

Thank you Cathy Murphy for being incredible at everything you do! Greg Mahar and Town of Waxhaw staff, thank you for everything! Thank you to our many vendors who stayed out in the heat making this a great event for everyone, Butts R Us BBQ, Bean & Belle Art Studio, Fuzion Hair Design, Chic Nails, Heart & Soul Productions, Your Event Source, Face Painting by Lisa, Tricky Rabbit Magic, UberDog Foundation, Snap Fitness, Progressive Movement Arts Centre, the Red Cross  and the Waxhaw United Methodist Church.

We appreciate our sponsors, Five Stones Church, Verizon Wireless, Young & Polite Dentistry and the Medical Group of Waxhaw.

Martin Lane, Joyce Blythe and Phillip Gregory, thank you for coming out to support National Night Out. It is great to see elected officials showing their appreciation for everything our police officers, firefighters, sheriff and EMTs do. Waxhaw has the very best first responders!

Thank you to each and every police officer, every sheriff, every firefighter, every EMT for all that you do to keep us safe and protected!

This was such a fun event. We hope to see you all again next year!

Lisa Thornton and Terry Haines
Small Town Main Street Promotions

We have to annex now

Dear Editor,
I’ve heard from the anti-annexation crowd, and I admit they make some good points… all except one.
They seem to believe we should just ignore the threat of annexation from Charlotte. I’ve heard it on good authority that Charlotte will move to annex all the unincorporated property near the Union County border by 2013. We even got a mailing warning us of this in our neighborhood. I doubt someone would spend the money to put that in the mail if it wasn’t true.

It’s not like this is a forced annexation. Nobody is forcing those who don’t want to be in Marvin to join. It’s clear these anti-annexation people can’t wait to be part of Charlotte and are trying to shut down any possible way to prevent that.

Patrick Cooper
Unincorporated Union County

Time to fight annexation

Dear Editor,
Having talked at length with neighbors who are now facing involuntary annexation by the Village of Marvin, and with nearby residents who live in subdivisions considering applying for voluntary annexation into the village, I am amazed at the lack of depth with which some people have reviewed all of the factors affecting such a major decision.

A common thread appears to be that, although they don’t want to pay taxes and fees levied by Marvin for virtually no benefits, they would rather be annexed by Marvin than by Charlotte or Waxhaw. Neither of these municipalities have shown the least bit of interest in instigating such action. The residents seem to think that they have to decide now which is the lesser evil.

Those who are proposing these annexations by Marvin have not been forthcoming in making the other alternative clear.

Based on three new bills, S27, H56 and H845, which became effective June 18, relief is provided from involuntary annexation if at least 60 percent of those being annexed sign the petition sent by the board of elections to deny that annexation. Clearly, if there were such a threat from Waxhaw or Charlotte, these residents would have no problem mustering that level of support for denial.

Darrel Glankler
Unincorporated Union County

Are they out of their minds?

Dear Editor,
As many of you may know, I have been a strong and vocal opponent of Marvin and their outrageous plans to steal the money and property rights of 1,517 property owners in surrounding residential communities through involuntary annexation.

I spent a few hours Tuesday night bringing Petitions to Deny to homeowners in the forced annexation area to both educate them to the real facts behind the forced annexation and the true consequences of their allowing Marvin to take control of their lives.

Many were not aware of the real motivation for the forced annexation – Marvin taking $350 to $1,000 per year or more of their money and giving nothing of value in return – and they felt that if they had all of the facts before now, they themselves would have been more vocal in their opposition to annexation. Almost all expressed a desire to end the assault from Marvin.

Some comments from homeowners:
A: Are they out of their minds?
B: Who do they think they are?
C: I need my money more than they do.
D: I don’t want to pay another layer of taxes for nothing.
E: There is some funny business going on in that town hall – cronyism, fast and loose with tax dollars, secret deals. Someone needs to look into their past finances to see where the $10 million they’ve already collected has gone.
F: Marvin isn’t even a town. It’s a paper town with no hub and no services.
G: Why did they put a park in a residential neighborhood… and it isn’t even in Marvin?
H: I’ve never seen such restrictive, punitive and property value damaging ordinances anywhere. They are killing our ability to sell our homes. Who would want to buy a home in a town that has such outrageous rules, fees and fines?

Please educate yourself to the true consequences if you allow Marvin to take control. You’ll see that you want no part of their aggressive, arrogant plans for you and your life. Visit http://www.denyannexation.com for more detailed information. Email the Committee to Deny at info@DenyAnnexation.com to express your support or offer to help stop Marvin aggression.

Paul Schneider
Unincorporated Union County

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