Letters to the Editor: August 12

Providence welcomes new chief

Dear Editor,
On August 7, Providence Volunteer Fire Department had our regularly scheduled meeting where we had two highly qualified individuals that applied for the Fire Chief position for Providence VFD. After the interviews, it was decided that Joshua Dye would be our new Fire Chief. Josh brings 14 years of dedicated service to Providence VFD and the fire services of Union and Mecklenburg Counties. Josh works full-time as an Operations Manager of Redlee SCS. Inc., a multi-million dollar service industry corporation where he oversees 26 employees and contracted employees. Josh works part-time as a security officer for a 3 billion dollar motorsport industry. Josh brings 11 years of managerial skills. Josh’s qualifications and service to the community include: Fire Fighter I, Fire Fighter II, Emergency Medical Technician-Basic, Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations, NIMS ICS-100,200,700,800, OSFM ISO Regulations, National Fire Academy Preparation for initial company operations, will have NC Rescue Tech completed very soon. Community services include: Captain, PVFD and a Board Member of Stallings VFD where Josh and his family reside. Josh was a member of the Union County Fire and Rescue Association where he served as President and Vice President which allowed him to serve on the Union County Fire Commission. Josh has a great vision for Providence VFD and we firmly believe he will be an asset to our department and to our community.

On behalf of the Providence VFD Board of Directors and the Community, we would like to congratulate Joshua Dye on his appointment of Fire Chief of Providence Volunteer Fire Department.

Heather Perryman
Weddington resident 10 years,
Public Relations, Providence VFD Board of Directors

Truth and honesty lacking in Marvin village

Dear Editor,
This entire process of involuntary annexation being orchestrated by the Marvin Village is the typical power play by a few power hungry individuals with the desire to force their ideas on others. It kind of reminds me of what is wrong with Washington today. Unfortunately, this Council is using the scare tactic of an annexation of our properties by Charlotte. It is a fact that we as Union County citizens have a right and power under the new annexation law to defeat any attempt by Charlotte to annex us with a denial by 60% of the targeted annexation properties. An agreement with Charlotte to stay out of Union County is fine but I would rather have a law that allows us to decide our own fate, which we now have.

As many of you are aware, our country is in real financial trouble and faced with some difficult challenges during the next 5 years. These difficulties have trickled down to the states, counties and municipalities. Some of the services that have been provided by government agencies will disappear. With these obvious issues facing us as a community, it really brings into question how the Village could spend several hundred thousand dollars to purchase and develop a park when individuals are struggling to meet their mortgage payments.

With the financial crisis that is still looming, I prefer to retain my income for whatever happens in the 5 years instead of turning those dollars, through taxation, over to folks who are obviously oblivious to the upcoming problems.

The Marvin annexation can be summarized as “new taxation, no new services and frivolous spending. Charlotte is not the threat here; it is the little brick house on New Town Rd.

Charles LeDoyen
An unincorporated resident

In response to ‘National Night Out’

Dear Editor,
In response to “Tramaine Williams” letter in last week’s paper, I would like to extend an invitation to grab a cup of coffee with him so I can explain where I was on Waxhaw’s National Night Out. I’m flattered that “he” missed me considering I have never met “him” and not sure how “he” even knew I wasn’t there. “He” went on to say “I hope whatever kept them away was important..” For the record “Mr. Williams”, I was volunteering with my family that evening for something that was important to us.

So again I extend an invitation to you “Mr. Tramaine Williams” to meet and get to know you better and find out what direction you think Waxhaw should be heading. I would also like to extend that invitation to “Mr. Lucas Stemner” who also wrote a letter last week to the Weekly. The both of you seem to be involved, concerned, and active Waxhaw citizens with one common thread: Supporting Lisa Thornton for mayor. I can’t seem to find anyone who has ever met either of you in person and I feel as an elected official I should try and get to know as many of the citizens as I can.

So please, email me and let me know what time works for you to meet. bdiller@waxhaw.com

Thank you
Brett R. Diller
Waxhaw Commissioner

In support of Cross Creek

Dear Editor,
I am writing in response to the recent articles regarding property rights issues.

While I have never met either of the men mentioned, Pinky Marsh nor Jay Brown, I have great sympathy for their plight. Too often, we as people do not concern ourselves with the infringement of our rights until we ourselves are affected. By then, it is often too late.

Unless the rights of others can be proven to have been infringed upon by a particular usage of a property, which I doubt is the case here, then government should never be allowed to interfere with private property. Property rights are the foundation for every other right, and our founders recognized this. After all, the Declaration of Independence was originally worded “life, liberty and the pursuit of property” until changed by the weak-kneed.

Had I and my fellow Libertarian candidates been elected to the commission, these “issues” would not be issues at all, at least not with the county. Not only would property rights finally have been respected in unincorporated areas, but the county also would not be spending unnecessary funds on legal fees for the further taking of people’s rights away from them.

Alas, the results of last year’s county commission election proved either one of two things: either too many people blindly pull their party’s lever without giving any thought to what they are endorsing, or else they simply do not care about the rights of others and never considering that the neighbor’s rights which they are so willing to throw away are also their own. Either way, it does not bode well for this experiment of freedom which we seem all too willing to give up on.

Brandon Derr

Everyone Makes Mistakes – Even the Marvin Council

Dear Editor,
It seems clear to anyone who is paying attention that there is strong and significant opposition to the forced annexation of 1,517 homes in the beautiful and safe residential communities around Marvin.

Newspaper articles and Letters to the Editor over the past several months are unanimous in their condemnation of the Marvin Town Council and their arrogance. Not one Letter to the Editor praises Marvin and their motives, and for good reason. There are no redeeming qualities to what Marvin is attempting – forced annexation for the sole purpose of fattening the treasury is wrong and reprehensible.

The 30+ volunteers that have fanned out to speak to homeowners about the Petition to Deny are reporting overwhelming support for denying Marvin the opportunity to tax them to the tune of $500 to $1,000 per year and offering nothing of value in return.

The homeowners are also being informed that they do not have to fear annexation by other nearby municipalities (Charlotte and Waxhaw) because new NC State laws require that any new annexation include the Petition to Deny option, which now gives all of us the ability to say no to aggression and unjustified taxation. No legislative actions, amendments or rumored changes are on the horizon. It took 50 years to get this done. The North Carolina Legislature was and remains firm is supporting individual property rights. The insult of forced annexation is a thing of the past.

Some people have asked about how any of this will affect their schools, fire, police services and other municipal services. The answer is simple – nothing changes except you will be hundreds of dollars lighter in your wallet. All of these services are paid for out of your current Union County and State taxes. Marvin doesn’t provide anything and therefore they have no impact on any of the services you enjoy. Your children will still go to the same schools. The Union County Police force will continue to protect you. The volunteer fire department will continue to respond to all emergencies. Your roads and street signs will continue to be maintained by the State. If you have any remaining questions, all of the facts can be found at www.denyannexation.com.

Marvin Town Council – There is no shame in recognizing when you’ve made a mistake. It may actually get you some respect. Feel free to say “we thought the homeowners wanted to be annexed but we were wrong”, or “we recognize the economic conditions that exist today and feel the extra tax burden to homeowners is not justified”, or “now that we have bought our pretty park for $950,000 and allocated the $1,000,000+ to refurbish the house on the property to make it a Town Hall and complete other planned improvements, we find that we won’t need the added tax income from the forced annexation targets so, as Rosanne Rosanadana would say… never mind”, or ”doubling our tax base while taxing people for nothing doesn’t sound like such a good idea anymore”. Whatever face-saving announcement you choose to make, your problems and embarrassment with this issue of forced annexation can go away if you find the wisdom to call your attorneys and tell them to withdraw your involuntary annexation ordinance. Simple, quick, clean and no hard feelings.

Admit your mistake, then take the high road and everyone goes home happy.

Paul Schneider
Unincorporated Union County

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