Union County Pulse: July 22

Marvin Forced Annexation

Our NC State Legislature has seen the wisdom of outlawing in the future the kind of involuntary annexation that Marvin continues to pursue. Once again, the Marvin Town Council thinks they are smarter than you, and they think they can count on your apathy to steal your money and take away your individual property rights. It’s outrageous, arrogant and insulting.

Yes, I said steal. When someone or something, in this case the Town of Marvin, takes something from you without giving you anything in return, I call that stealing. Some have labeled it “Municipal Theft”. How can a ‘do nothing’ Town Council, with little to no experience in government, administration or services continue to take tax dollars without offering anything meaningful in return?

Let’s remember, they provide no Public Works Department, no Police Department, no Fire Department, no Water and Sewer Services, no Utilities, no Transportation Department, no Animal Control, no Municipal Court, no Library, no Health Department, no Schools, no Arts or Cultural Division, no Road or Street Maintenance or Department, no Sanitation Department, no Senior Citizens Centers, no Jobs Training Department or Programs, no Homeless Shelter, no Food Bank, no Pre-School Programs and no reason to fear you because you don’t seem to care – or at least that’s what they are ­hoping.

That’s an awful lot of nothing. They do like to remind folks that they hire a part-time (1/3 time = 40 hours per week, daylight, weekdays) sheriff’s deputy as their one tangible service and ‘administrative services’. The only thing they have to administer is their own agenda, and they neglect to mention that we all expect and continue receive excellent police protections from Sheriff Cathey and the Union County Sheriff’s Department already, and we also pay for the service in our Union County taxes. Paying twice for the same service doesn’t sound like something I want to do. How about you?

The Legislature, through H845, says these kinds of annexations are wrong and should not be allowed, but because Marvin started the process several years ago, the Marvin Town Council continues in its efforts to take from $200 to $500 per household per year from every parcel owner under the continuing forced annexation assault. Close analysis of their current budget indicates that a significant tax increase isn’t far off.

I am told that the Union County Board of Elections will be mailing Petitions to Deny Annexation to 1,500 parcel owners July 22. These are going to people that are not currently in Marvin, and most choose not to be. Any of these people could have been in Marvin and paying Marvin taxes just for the asking. It doesn’t take much imagination to understand why they are not asking to be taxed by Marvin.

People of Providence Downs South, Providence Downs Phases 1 thru 4, 5, 6A and 6B, Walden Pond, Foxhill, Beagel Run, Drayton Hall, Crane Road, The Reserves, Woodhall, Sedgefield, and along Newtown Road… It is time you invested a moment of your time to make sure Marvin doesn’t get to steal your hard-earned money. I am certain that $200-$500 per year would better spent by you on your family than by the Town Council on their ‘administration’ services.

Please take this seriously. It’s your money and your property they will control. Do something to stop this aggressive money and land-grab by Marvin. It will take a 60 percent majority of parcel owners denying annexation by signing and returning the petitions in order to prevent Marvin from succeeding in stealing your assets and property rights.

An email account has been set up to help you communicate with the large group of outraged citizens that have been fighting this forced annexation for years. You can reach them at DenyAnnexation@aol.com. We will be more than glad to speak with you and further explain why you must fill out this Petition to Deny. We are prepared to help you fill out the Petition and to pick it up so that it can be hand delivered to the Board of Elections. Let us help you preserve what is rightfully yours.

Paul Schneider
Unincorporated Union County

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