Union County Pulse: July 22

Road to November

Editor’s note: This column marks the start of Union County Weekly’s political coverage. All political candidates are welcome to send in a column over the next month, 800 words or less, designed as an introduction to voters. After these columns run in the print edition, they will be stored under a special election tab on our website, along with Q&As we’ll send out to the candidates later this fall. Candidates can email brian@unioncountyweekly.com with columns, concerns or questions. Also check pg. 22 of this week’s paper for a list of all candidates running for office.

My name is Lisa Thornton and I am running for Mayor of Waxhaw. I believe the citizens of Waxhaw want a Mayor who listens to its citizens. As mayor, my job would be to serve you, the residents of Waxhaw, and to make our town the best it can be! I am conservative and believe we need less government, not more government. I believe we have many opportunities to make Waxhaw better. I look forward to meeting more of our citizens in the weeks ahead and listening to their concerns. I also look forward to sharing my vision for a better Waxhaw!

My husband, Jim and I, moved our family to Waxhaw because we want our children to experience the positive, wholesome environment Waxhaw offers. I love Waxhaw’s history. I love Waxhaw’s charm, but most of all, I love the people here.

Jim and I have been married for 16 years. We have been through so much in the last 16 years, and I am blessed to have such an incredible husband and friend with whom to travel this journey! We have four amazing children. Our eldest, Emily, is attending Cuthbertson High School this year. Colin is attending Cuthbertson Middle School. Alison is attending Kensington Elementary and Luke is entering Union Academy as a kindergartner.

I am absolutely not a “perfect” person nor do we lead a “perfect” life. We have struggled financially and emotionally as my husband was out of work for two and a half years. We have dealt with major medical issues with one of our children, after a severe head injury. I understand what most of us are going through, with salaries being cut, and jobs being lost. I understand how hard it is to hold on to your house, feed your children, pay your bills and have gas for your car. I understand the stress it puts on a marriage and on children. I understand the importance of good health care and the massive cost. I understand how hard it is on a family when a child has special needs. These are just a few reasons that I feel I will be a great mayor, a mayor who gets what is truly important, a mayor who listens to the people!

I love living in Waxhaw and enjoy doing what I can to serve our community. I have been involved in numerous projects in Waxhaw. A few of those include, Officer Richard Belk’s BBQ Fundraiser, Waxhaw’s Pedestrain Steering Committee, President of the Waxhaw Arts Council, Co-chair of Small Town Main Street’s Promotions Committee, and Waxhaw’s First Friday. I enjoy seeing positive things happen that bring our community closer together. Bringing our community closer together will build a stronger, safer, more productive Waxhaw.

All of the projects I am a part of give me tremendous experience with our community and will be a benefit to my job as mayor. I am determined to be the best mayor I can be for the citizens of Waxhaw. I will listen to you and always remember that it is the residents, the people who live in Waxhaw, that are the priority in any decisions made.

I don’t consider myself to be a politician. I don’t believe in “mud slinging”. You won’t be seeing or hearing any of that from me or my campaign. The issues that matter to the residents of Waxhaw such as; lowering taxes, filling up the empty store fronts in downtown Waxhaw, making it easier for new businesses to come in, taking care of our Police Department and Fire Department, and most importantly listening to the citizens of Waxhaw. That is going to be the main focus of my campaign. I do not want to waste time focusing on any negativity.

I believe I can bring unity to the board, an openness and willingness to work with others. We need someone to bring the town council together. Our board is divided and many residents feel their concerns are not listened to. It’s time for a change, a fresh outlook. I am counting on you, the citizens of Waxhaw to create that change and fresh outlook by voting for me, Lisa Thornton, for Mayor of Waxhaw!

To find out more about me and my platforms, please go to my Facebook page, Lisa Thornton for Mayor of Waxhaw, or email me at lisathornton4mayor@yahoo.com.

Thank you,
Lisa Thornton

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