Letters to the Editor: July 8

Gas tax hike not acceptable

I wasn’t born yesterday, I am well aware that whenever I write an article that can be perceived as a reprimand to our elected government officials, typically many get angry but that is okay. Anyone who knows me knows I always say it like it is. I never hold back. Really all I am doing is offering constructive criticism. For the first time in many years, under the Republican majority in the NC House and Senate, we have gone from an F rated ineffective legislature to a B rated well run legislature.

As a life long Conservative Republican who understands conservative values must come before party affiliation, I wish I could rate the Republican majority with an A, but cannot due to a few major mistakes in judgment that have recently occurred during budget negotiations. Elected public officials need to understand conservatives never raise taxes.

We must start being competitive with surrounding states such as South Carolina. I don’t know who proposed our gas taxes be increased 2 ½ more cents when South Carolina is already 20 cents a gallon cheaper, but would loveto have a sit down meeting to discuss this unacceptable decision. I would imagine South Carolina loves every time they see a North Carolina tag at a gas station.

We will hear many reasons why this was done, though as long as many of our citizens are basically in the position where they cannot afford to drive to work, no reasoning is acceptable.

To be competitive with surrounding states means keeping our gas, income and corporate tax rates in line with other southeastern states.

Jeff Gerber

Celebrating Independence in Waxhaw

Yesterday was the 4th of July and there was a parade in Waxhaw which was attended by a vast amount of people who came out to watch and cheer, but the theme of the parade was, “We The People!”  It was so  refreshing to note the theme was carried out by a good many of the entrants.  The words “GOD” and “Christ” as well as “Jesus” were not  omitted, but emphasized.  JAARS and various churches along with Scouts were here and well attended, but I saw no representative of the ACLU.

The lead car memorialized an American who had served his God and Country, Honored his family, led his community, and for years was the “Uncle Sam” in the parade in Waxhaw.  It was sad to see he no longer was there to remind us how important “We The People” really is.  The empty car held only his hat and a flag, but Bud Sloan will always be within the hearts of those who knew him.  Goodbye Uncle Sam.

The “Fixing it for Christ,” a local mission originating with the Methodist Church in Waxhaw, has spread exponentially from the beginning when Katrina hit the gulf states and since concentrating the efforts in and around Waxhaw among the disable and indigent who need an extra hand in cleaning, gardening, painting, or general work around the home. Their “float” was a  tribute to Christ and in honoring HIM with their efforts. A blessing to them and those who served.

The people were in the festive mood of the day, the clowns as well as the little motor cars and the fire trucks, one of which had to cut line and answer a call, were displaying their patrotism and honoring with applause and “Thank You” for serving, the Marines, Air Force, Army and Navy. We can never thank them enough for they gave us the day in which to celebrate in America. God Bless America!

Shell Holston
part of “We The People!”

Hard work appreciated

I just wanted to say thanks to the town of Indian Trail for another great Fourth of July celebration. Last year we came down to visit family in town and were pleasantly surprised by the presentation, family atmosphere and general fun that went on as part of the celebration. This year, we came down once again and have decided this may have to be a yearly thing, from now on. My brother, who lives in town, also told me about the other festivals throughout the year, which may be reason for more trips. I know it takes a lot of effort to put something like this on and I just wanted to say thank you to the town staff, because myself, my kids and my husband greatly enjoyed ourselves.

Kathy Cooper
Boone, NC

Good times

I’m thankful to live in a well run town here in Indian Trail. As always, the staff knocked it out of the park in terms of preparing for and then hosting the annual Independence Day celebration. From the parade floats to the candy for the kids, which my two boys devoured, there was something for everyone. More businesses are coming to town, parks are being designed and my family honestly has everything we need here in town. No need to drive up to Charlotte for anything, anymore. Thanks to the town staff and our elected officials for building a town we can be proud to call home.

Darren Smith
Indian Trail

An Open Letter to Waxhaw residents from Mike McLaurin

As Town Manager, I would like to share some thoughts regarding last night’s fireworks. For many years our fireworks show has gone off without a hitch and both the show and the attendance has grown in numbers. Last night was an exception.

Putting on Town events requires many hours from both town employee time and volunteers. We do so in the spirit and hope that you will visit our events, have a good time and return with your friends and neighbors. Some of our employees have worked approximately 50 hours in the last three days. On July 4th some started their day at 5:30 a.m. in the morning and concluded around midnight.

Many of you came to enjoy our parade and looked forward to the evening’s events. Many of you were disappointed and I apologize.

Last night’s storms before the fireworks show were expected to blow through quickly, but unexpectedly hung around for at least two hours. If they had moved through as was hoped we may not have had the water saturation or length of delay that ultimately postponed the fireworks for an hour and fifteen minutes. As the delay wore on many of us grew cold and tired. As a parent and grandparent, I can testify firsthand that when kids get tired, they get cranky.

There was a delay and you are owed an explanation. As you might imagine setting up a fireworks event requires a number of hours of tedious planning and wiring. The rains totally soaked a number of components needed for the show. We were initially told that everything was dry but this proved not to be the case. The heavy rain also caused the timing of the fireworks to be off or in some cases not fire at all.

At 9:00 p.m. it appeared that the rain was letting up and we were told that the show could begin around the scheduled time of 9:30 p.m. We were happy to learn we could still give you the fireworks show of which you are proud, but the fireworks tech need to recheck/rewire everything due to the dampness. This was paramount for safety reasons and took much longer than expected. Erring on the side of safety was the correct thing to do, and all of the work is done in coordination with the Town and the County Fire Marshal. We use a professional pyrotechnic company to do our fireworks and they have done an outstanding job in prior years. It’s why so many make the trip to Waxhaw with children and families for this event.

Throughout the event we relayed information we received from the technicians via Facebook and Twitter. With that being said, we now realize that many of you didn’t have access to that information and were left waiting for some answers.

Earlier today I conducted the first set of several meetings with key staff to look at what worked and what we need to do better. The first meeting yielded some ideas that we will follow up on to give you the best show possible. We will also be meeting with the fireworks company to discuss last night’s event and identify ways that future issues could be prevented.

I want to thank each of you who have commented, both those satisfied and not satisfied. Everyone’s thoughts can help the town build a better plan. In conclusion I want to again apologize for your disappointment but hope that you understand why the delay occurred.

Michael McLaurin
Waxhaw Town Manager

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