Letters to the Editor: July 29

Why force us in?

The recent communication sent from the Village of Marvin raises several questions as Marvin attempts to annex my property.

First, Marvin attributes its tremendous growth in recent years to voluntary annexation. If that is the case, why would the Village now spend time and money to force any property owner to be a part of Marvin? Why not invite those who desire to be within Marvin’s boundaries to request that choice, and leave the others alone?

Second, Why are some properties within a subdivison not included in the ordinance to annex? Why are they excluded and not invited “to join us”?

The question I think we all need to ask ourselves is ‘Do I support forced annexation?” By “saying nothing at all”, as suggested by the communication from the Village of Marvin, one clearly voices support for forced annexation! In order for each of us to exercise our right to choose where we want to live, I would strongly suggest that each property owner sign and return the petition to deny annexation. Then, the neighborhoods/communities who desire to be a part of the Village can make that choice by applying for Voluntary Annexation. Marvin is clearly open to that procedure.

Lila Glankler
Unincorporated Union County

Tired of the negativity

This annexation fight between Marvin and the surrounding communities has turned into a circus. Rather, I should say the fight between Marvin and one community, as it appears the residents of Walden Pond are the only ones with any issues regarding the annexation. You don’t want in? Fine, but don’t try and prevent other neighborhoods from becoming a part of Marvin. Trying to shut down all annexation efforts just because you have a problem with the current council is wrong. I live in unincorporated Union County with my family and I am concerned that Charlotte might one day jump the border. It’s happened before, as the town of Stallings includes several parcels in Mecklenburg. Nothing stopped Stallings from annexing into Mecklenburg, just like nothing will stop Charlotte from branching out and annexing us, unless the state puts a stop to this stuff. So for protection, yes, we will join Marvin. If you don’t want to follow, then don’t. No one’s forcing you to come.

Devin Cooper
Unincorporated Union County

Say nothing at all

This sage advice can be found on the front page of the Marvin web site. Be quiet, say nothing, obey, go away, but don’t forget to send us your money. The Marvin Town Council is suggesting that all of the people suffering under the attack of Marvin and the aggressive and wanton desire of the Council to take away their money – $250 to $500 or more per year – and their individual property rights should simply be the compliant and ignorant fools they take us to be by just Saying Nothing at All. Am I the only one that finds this unbelievably insulting?

All of the neighborhoods involved in fighting the involuntary annexation that Marvin is pursuing already pay Union County taxes and community association dues. They already live by quite enough rules, regulations and ordinances imposed the State, county and their own fine community HOA CC&R’s. We live under these rules because we choose to. We knew what they were before we bought our properties. I am at a loss in my efforts to find anyone who thinks that another layer of government, with even more stringent, onerous and ill-conceived ordinances is something that is missing in their lives. Enough is enough. Marvin needs to either back off or be told where to go.

Petitions to Deny the Marvin annexation went out to 1,517 parcels last week. 60 parcels of us need to sign and return the petitions to keep Marvin at bay. Every recipient would be wise to think long and hard about the choices here. If you want to pay another layer of taxes and suffer under ridiculously stringent ordinances written by amateurs, take the Councils advice and follow along like sheep by Saying Nothing at All. If you’ve heard all the arguments and find that you are offended by the arrogance and self-serving rhetoric of money-grabbing mini- bureaucrats that blatantly offer you virtually nothing in return for your hard-earned dollars, then now is the time to stand up and SAY SOMETHING. This is the first time in 50 years that your legislature has granted you the ability to say no and make it stick. Sign the Petition to Deny and return it promptly. Contact DenyAnnexation@aol.com for answers to your questions or to have a volunteer come by to pick up your signed petition. We will make sure your voice is heard and your money and property rights are protected.

I and the volunteers want all present Marvin taxpayers to know that we think you’ve done a wonderful job maintaining your properties, and that you should be rightfully proud of your success in providing a safe, wholesome and wonderfully attractive environment for your families to live in and enjoy. It’s your Town Council that has run amok, and it is their actions that we strongly object to.

Paul Schneider
Unincorporated Union County

Why is there a Marvin?

The article in the Union County Weekly, July 22-28, concerning what the Village of Marvin does not do for us, truly struck a nerve with my wife and me. We live in Marvin. Between the State and the County, most all necessities have been provided, protecting and serving us both on a civil basis and quality of life.

Some of the State and County Statutes and Ordinances are taken by Marvin and made extremely stringent, putting burdens on residents and property owners. These changes have affected the values of property and the ability of long-time property owners to develop and or limit the profits once thought to be possible. The persons changing these ordinances are inexperienced and are learning at the “taxpayer’s expense”!

My wife and I are Real Estate Brokers. I have been in commercial real estate for years and heavily involved in commercial development. Marvin has missed a golden opportunity for pioneering a perfect Village Town Center that would have been a landmark, providing a community center, retail services and great tax revenues. We are still in disbelief! Now we have a park that will house the Village offices and it is not located within the town limits.

In the past we have had our difficulties with Marvin’s Town Council concerning the forced Greenway along our back yard. No one here wanted it, but a few council members who had horses pushed it through. Quickly, we had 100% of all residents and land owners in our subdivision endorse a petition asking that the Council not approve it. They ignored us and approved it, but 6 years later we finally elected people who recognized the poor plan and removed the greenway easement.

We both agree with all that was said in the article referred to above. Why and for what reason are we paying Marvin a tax? I have a question, a very elementary question! Since Marvin does nothing for us, that Union County does not do anyway, why is there a Marvin? Why can’t we get rid of Marvin? My comment is, instead of “fighting city hall”, why not get rid of city hall!

How do we get rid of a tax burden that supplies us nothing? It is ironic, in this wonderful nation we have municipalities closing down due to lack of tax revenue to pay employees performing a public service. Here in Marvin we are being taxed for no reason at all! Is anyone listening and thinking? Couldn’t you better spend your money on your family, education, fuel, healthcare?

Hershel and Anne Fogleman
Wyndham Hall Plantation

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