Letters to the Editor for July 22

Censoring not the answer

In the past two years I have attended many of the meetings of the Waxhaw Board of Commissioners and I am appalled at the disruption of the few people who have cause such chaos in this overall community; a community which up until a few years ago was a quiet place to call home and a wholesome place to raise children.

The one meeting I missed in the past two years was Tuesday night and reading about the agenda in the paper as well as the communication via phone, facebook and across backyard picket fences I am aghast at the decision to “censor” comments and letters submitted to the Board as public documents by anyone! This is a public forum and freedom of speech should apply here without censoring, deleting words or comments, or any additions. If facts behind the letter need to be verified allow the person to seek them out.

This is not a good thing! This is the kind of self-serving thing that opens the preverbal cans of worms that will in the future come back to haunt the town. If this letter is censored then all comments made to the Board by anyone should be censored as well, but by whom? Who had the right to say this or that should not be part of the public forum? or the words used, that some see as “derogatory” but are relative upon which side of the debate you’re on.

Is this what this nation has come to? If we don’t get our way we will complain our individual rights were violated and we will sue. The board should rely on what “We The People” have requested as a whole, and not a few! Waxhaw has been in a two year (plus) battle, where the majority has proven the “People” want no part of a historic overlay and sadly those who were in opposition to the majority have retaliated with childish, uneducated, bullying tactics and I am afraid this is part of that measure. Where are the days and times when there was a dividing line between children and adults, but not between friends and neighbors? Is this where we give up our right to “Freedom of Speech?, then religion? and our right to bare arms, and assemble,” ad infinitum?

Shell Holston
A long time Waxhaw resident.

Missing the point

I don’t understand some of the current Waxhaw commissioners and their mentality. Correct me if I’m wrong, but in the last election, didn’t commissioners run on trust, open government and what’s best for the town? How is censorship, in any form, beneficial? Who gets to pick and choose what’s censored? Are we going to appoint a committee for that, because the Historic Preservation Committee worked so well with their Historic District plan. I can’t vote, because I don’t live within the city limits, but I consider myself to be a Waxhaw resident. And even if I disagree with someone, I don’t take away their right to speak.

Dallas Cooper
Union County

Time to fix the problem

Due to the deep Recession, North Carolina is facing a short fall in revenues as is the case in most states. This comes as no surprise to most. Drastic cuts have been proposed in order to balance the states operating budget as required by the North Carolina Constitution. Many of the proposed cuts were certainly necessary in order to balance the budget, though state government must understand you never make cuts to public safety or the judicial system being Law Enforcement, judges and the district attorneys office.

It is imperative that citizens feel safe at all times either at home or away from ones home. The district attorneys office has always been overwhelmed with cases before the budget cuts affected their office. To make cuts in the District Attorneys staff will only result in cases going to court with the Defense being more prepared than the prosecutors due to an unmanageable case load, resulting in more and more criminals getting away with the crimes they have committed making our streets a much more dangerous place. The Prosecutor’s will be forced to offer more plea deals they would not have normally offered due to the shortage in Assistant Prosecutor’s qualified to try cases in a court of law.

Another failure in the enacted budget is the failure of the NC Legislature to intervene on the gas tax hike that is recalculated automatically twice a year.We will hear many reasons why the Legislature could not agree on an alternative solution to raising the gas tax though being that we are now paying 35 cents in taxes on every gallon sold any excuse is really just Hogwash,.especially sense the State collected 2.7 Billion dollars in state generated transportation funds. 60 percent from Gas Tax alone.

Our Gas tax puts us among the highest in the Southeast and 13TH in the nation. This puts us at a great disadvantage with bordering states in an effort to lure much needed revenues. An example being South Carolina was at 16.75 cents in gas taxes per gallon compared to North Carolina’s 32.5 cents per gallon.

I personally know many of our State Representatives and hold them in high regard. I also know mistakes in judgment will happen at times. That is understandable, though not fixing a problem of this magnitude immediately is unacceptable. Perhaps our Legislators will re-visit this issue before the next budget session. The citizens of North Carolina are counting on you.

Jeff Gerber

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